Learning about Lean

Learning about Lean

LeanOn Friday, Nov. 2, a packed house gathered to learn more about Lean during a Nursing Grand Rounds entitled High Quality, Low Cost. It’s Not just Alphabet Soup. Lean has already made a big impact on nursing practice across AAMC. Here are some things that were shared:

  • Lean is a process improvement methodology that places the focus on the patient/family as they move through the health care system. It relies on the person doing the work each day to develop the processes.
  • Lean is about adding value — value as defined by the patient/family — to the work we do, thus eliminating waste. 
  • Lean is grounded in respect for the growth of employees, personally and professionally, and growth of services to better serve our community.

AAMC embarked on the Lean journey six months ago. During that time, over 140 staff have participated in rapid improvement events (RIE) involving surgical services operations, medication management, linen and charge capture (how we get paid). 

At Grand Rounds, a multidisciplinary team spoke about their work with Lean:

  • Pyxis/Medication Room – Ann Marie Pessagno and Devra Cockerille
  • OR Turnover Time – Patty Schiro and Dennis Murray
  • Linen – Inar Maharaj and Holly Sowko
  • Labor and Delivery Charge Capture – Barbara Nelson and Nicki O’Rourke

To sum up the power of Lean, Barbara Nelson and Nicki O’Rourke said it so well, “Lean work puts nursing in a position to have a voice.  Is that not what nurses want?”

If you are interested in learning more about Lean or getting involved, please work with your clinical director or call the Performance Improvement Team at 443-481-3444.  It is an incredible opportunity to have another voice in designing the care we provide to our patients and families.  -Betsey Snow, MPH, BSN, RN

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