Laughter is the best medicine: Sharing a smile with a Patient Family Advisor

Laughter is the best medicine: Sharing a smile with a Patient Family Advisor

As a patient and family advisor I was invited to write posts for the nursing blog.  I like to write, but a “command performance” can create writer’s block for sure!  Since last summer I have tackled the four core concepts of Patient Family Centered Care.  Additionally, I wrote a piece to celebrate a milestone birthday. 

Now I seek out topics that might interest medical professionals who have obtained degrees that I do not possess.  The furthest I got in my education was an Associate’s degree in general studies.  To write for you can be daunting if I succumb to feeling inadequate.  But, I have a lifetime of experiences and I like to think that I have common sense. 

We seniors can feel like beige wallpaper if we allow societal norms to take over our lives.  I intend to go out in technicolor.  I have always loved to laugh.  In fact, while being wheeled into the OR for a partial mastectomy, my anesthesiologist said, “I heard you have a good laugh.  Tell me a joke.”  So, under the influence of pre-surgical medication, I proceeded to tell him an off color, inappropriate joke.  Clearly, I blame the medication!  But, before I went into the dreamless, black sleep induced by anesthesia, I heard laughter.  Good stuff for an extremely anxious patient.

My point here is that my focus going forward will primarily be on addressing medical issues and care via humor.  I have met a few individuals in my lifetime that completely lack humor, but not many.  In fact, if you ask anyone what qualities they find most attractive in looking for a person with whom to share a loving relationship, a sense of humor is invariably in the top three. 

You Tube is an interesting app that I am enjoying very much.  In the spirit of laughter, here is one viral video that I think will make you smile: Girl proposes to nurse on anesthesia (to clarify, the girl is under anesthesia, not the nurse!).

Thanks for all you do!

Pat Clesh

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