Jazmin Manlapaz, RNIII, MSU wins the Academy of Medical/Surgical Nursing Clinical Leadership Award

Jazmin Manlapaz, RNIII, MSU wins the Academy of Medical/Surgical Nursing Clinical Leadership Award

Jazmin ManlapazCongratulations to Jazmin Manlapaz RNIII, Medical/Surgical Unit, for receiving the Clinical Leadership Award for Medical/Surgical Nurses! Given by the Association of Medical/Surgical Nursing (AMSN), this award acknowledges nurses whose leadership qualities emulate the highest of professional standards and have improved the image and practice of medical/surgical nursing. Jazmin was presented this award at the annual convention of AMSN in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 4th, 2012.

Jazmin has been a Med/Surg nurse for 44 years and has been an active member of AMSN for 10 years. She is proud to be a member of a professional organization and maintaining her certification in her specialty. Based on the criteria for the award and her many contributions to her profession, she submitted her nomination, with additional nominations from her Clinical Director, Christine Frost, and a peer, Elise Morris, RNIII on her behalf.

Jazmin loves the challenges of Med/Surg nursing and has been an active participant in unit based as well as hospital wide initiatives that improve the quality of care for our patients. She quotes, “I enjoy learning about and helping patients understand the different types of diseases that impact their lives. MSU is a great floor to work on. We face challenges and work with the leadership team, bedside staff, and clinical support services to try different projects that have a positive impact on patient care. People ask me when I will retire, I answer that I still love what I’m doing in Med/Surg!”

We are very proud of Jazmin’s accomplishment and dedication to her patients and AAMC!

-Christine Frost, RN, Director MSU/SCU


  1. Posted by Kathy Cacioppo, at Reply

    Way to go Jazmin!! You are an awesome nurse!!

  2. Posted by Joanne, at Reply


  3. Posted by carol brumsted, at Reply

    We are honored to have you working along side us! Congratulations!

  4. Posted by Vicky Conroy, at Reply

    Jasmin, a well deserved recognition for your many years of devoted nursing care to your patients. I am so very proud of you Congratulations! Vicky

  5. Posted by Joanne Ebner, at Reply

    Congratulations on your award. What an honor to be recognized for all of your wonderful years of nursing leadership. Enjoy the accolades – you deserve them!


  6. Posted by Michelle Donovan, at Reply

    What advances you have made in your profession and the professional practice of so many of your colleagues by your example and your mentoring. You are blessed and have much to be proud of! You are the epitome of the bedside nurse and nursing leader. Congrats!

  7. Posted by Annette, RN/SCU, at Reply

    Jazmin, I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!!

  8. Posted by Sue Lee, at Reply

    Congratulations Jazmin!!!

  9. Posted by Geri, at Reply

    Go Jasmin!
    You totally rock!

  10. Posted by Minerva Manilay, at Reply

    Congratulations Jazmin.

  11. Posted by Kim Belair, at Reply

    Congratulations Jazmine! You deserve it1

  12. Posted by Christine Schaeffer, at Reply

    Congratulations Jazmin! I am so happy that others across the nation have seen the dedication you have given to med-surg nursing over the years.

  13. Posted by Deb, at Reply

    Congratulations, Jazmine – what an inspiration !

  14. Posted by Ann Marie Pessagno, at Reply

    Jaz – always has been an honor to work with you! You are an amazing nurse and a strong advocate for our patients and this great profession of ours.

  15. Posted by Mary Cohn, at Reply

    Jazmine was here when I started working at AAMC in 1979. I was only out of nursing school for about a year when we met and she was so supportive and helpful to me! I will always remember those days and how she helped me grow as a nurse. Over the years she has always been a role model. Jazmine truly deserves this award! Congratulations!

  16. Posted by Christine, at Reply

    What a privilege to have this wonderful employee and dedicated Med/Surg nurse in our midst.

  17. Posted by carol Namo, at Reply

    Congratulations, Jasmine! You are an inspiration to me. Thank you for your tireless efforts and your wonderful outlook. Keep up the great work.

  18. Posted by Tina Andersen, at Reply

    Congrats Jazmin! What an honor!

  19. Posted by Marianne McKiernan, at Reply

    Congrats Jasmin!!! Well deserved!

  20. Posted by Debbie Sears, at Reply

    You are so deserving of this award Jaz! congrats

  21. Posted by Marna Ross, at Reply

    Congratulations on a well deserved honor!

    • Posted by jazmin manlapaz, at Reply

      thank you, it’s really an honor to receive this award.

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