Is Nursing a Cool Career?

Is Nursing a Cool Career?

We think so! And in an effort to inspire our community’s young people to consider a career in health care, AAMC started the High School Health Care Exploration program. Two years later, this “summer camp” fills up months in advance. It’s attendees, in many case, go on to declare college majors in nursing, pre-med, physical therapy, and the sciences.

This month, 12 students from area high schools attended the four-day program, providing them with a first hand, behind-the-scenes look at health care career options.

During the camp, the high schoolers were CPR certified, practiced basic assessment skills in our simulation lab, toured the ED, learned about helicopter transport and spent time with AAMC staff on several units.

We asked them to tell us more about what they enjoyed the most about the High School Health Care Exploration Program:

I came to this program most excited for Mother/Baby and discovered that I really enjoyed different things from each department.” –Meagan Ingley

When I first started this program, I wanted to do physical therapy and sports medicine. After today, I am more interested in working with the EMS unit and in the ER. Whichever medical profession I choose, I want to make sure I make a positive impact on someone’s life…It is good to see people who love their job because it makes me more confident (in choosing) a profession.” –Mitchell Flores

The reason I am participating in the AAMC High School Health Care Exploration Program is because I want to pursue a career in the medical field, specifically as a neurosurgeon…I have been able to witness what large roles each specific job plays and how important each and every single one of them is.” –Darby DeStefano

My passion is neonatal care…Every baby deserves tender loving care, especially preemies, and that is what I wish to give them.” –Alaysa Pizarro

(The High School Health Care Exploration Program) has solidified that I am really considering a health care path. Even though I am unsure of exactly what I would like to do.” –Carly Campbell

My goal is to become a registered nurse in a hospital, hopefully an obstetric or labor and delivery nurse. I came to this camp to experience the atmosphere of a hospital to see if it is really where I see myself someday. So far, I like everything about it!” –Cassidy Sullivan

I love it! I hope one day to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.” –Hannah Pajak

Since I was seven years old, I have always known I wanted to be a doctor. At the time, it sounded like any other kid’s dream, but as I got older and really committed myself to the idea, I realized how determined I was to fulfill it…At this point in time, I’m considering working in pediatric oncology and hopefully my week at AAMC can help me achieve that.” –Carolyn Murphy

What about you? Why did you choose a profession in health care? Tell us about it here.


  1. Posted by Pam Hadaway, at Reply

    My daughter will begin her senior year of high school this fall and is considering a career in nursing. The AAMC High School Program sounds like a great opportunity. Are the registrations taken online? Thanks!

    • Posted by Sandy Fox, at Reply

      Hi Mrs. Hadaway,

      We are working to put the documents on our web page. Right now they are just sent out by me to the area high schools and individuals requesting further information. I will send you an application if you or others have questions please contact me ast or office phone 443-481-4828. Thanks for your interest, Sandy

  2. Posted by Wendy Knapp, at Reply

    I have been all over the AAMC website, and I can’t find any current information regarding the High School Health Care Exploration program. Coudl anyone direct me? I have a 16 y/o who wants to be a nurse and would LOVE this. Thanks! (

    • Posted by Sandy Fox, at Reply

      Hi Wendy,

      Thank you so much for your interest in the High School Program. I am in the process of updating the flyers for 2011; they have not been posted as yet – probably March. The dates for this years program will most likely be June 20th through 23rd.

  3. Posted by Chona Hamrock, at Reply

    When I was little, I used to tag along with my father when he did rounds during the weekend. I always wanted to work in a hospital, and I went into nursing so I could be at the bedside, taking care of patients one on one. Once I did my clinical rotation in the NICU, that was it; I knew this was where I belonged and 24 yrs later, here I still am! I really enjoyed showing the high school students my unit, and I would be honored to work with any one of them! What a great group of kids! Sandy, I hope you are able to continue this program for many years to come so we can plant the seeds early and watch them grow and become our colleagues.

    • Posted by Sandy Fox, at Reply

      Thanks Chona, hope so too!

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