Putting the puzzle together – HVU’s Interdisciplinary Team Rounds

Putting the puzzle together – HVU’s Interdisciplinary Team Rounds

Team Rounds on HVU

Sometimes, providing excellent care for our patients and families can feel like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. For the best outcomes, everything must fit together perfectly—and this can be a challenge. 

How is the Heart and Vascular Unit (HVU) managing this puzzle? Each morning at 10:00 a.m., an interdisciplinary team gathers. Hospitalists, charge nurses, nurse educators, bedside nurses, care managers, social workers, home care coordinators, diabetic educators, rehabilitative specialists, pharmacists and vascular coordinators round on each patient on the 24-bed unit.

The team uses an evidence-based rounding tool to review the patient’s progress, asking critical questions like, “What is the goal for the patient today?” “What is the plan for the discharge of the patient?” and “What education does the patient need from us?”

The team works together to identify resources the patients may need, such as assistive devices, medications, and consults—such as pain and specialty services—which could benefit the patient. “The camaraderie is unbelievable” says Lisa Kirchner, RN, Unit Educator, and the rest of the staff agrees.

Charge Nurse, Holly Sowko, RN, says the collaboration has been terrific.

Joanne Kane, Care Manager and Steve Oder, PharmD, state that the face-to-face interaction and real-time dynamics of the group help them to focus on what’s important and critical for each patient.

Cheryl Lamon, RN, a staff nurse, notes that she has a clear picture of what’s going on, while Rachel Sienkiewich, RN, also a staff nurse, sees the advantages of communicating directly with the physician—without having to spend time on the phone.

Dr. Sanchez likes the fact that there is a dedicated team that serves as a map to provide direction for him to care for all his patients.

Great job, HVU! Each team member manages a piece of the patient’s puzzle that, when put together, enables us to give excellent patient care.

-Ann Marie Pessagno, MSA, RN

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