Instead of retiring, experienced nurses are often planning the next phase of their career. Read Mary Pat Boyce’s story here.

Instead of retiring, experienced nurses are often planning the next phase of their career. Read Mary Pat Boyce’s story here.

Experienced nurses are incredibly valuable to our organization. They bring clinical expertise, maturity, and perspective, as well as knowledge of our culture and history. Instead of retiring, older nurses are more often planning to enter a new phase of their career — and there are often internal opportunities available to them. Mary Pat Boyce, RN, is a great example of this kind of nurse. Read her story here:

IBoyce‘ve been a nurse for almost fifty years, and I knew it was my calling from day one. When I was growing up, my mother was a labor-and-delivery nurse—or what passed for one in the 1940s. I love caring for others, and nursing is one of the best occupations for directly interacting with others and making a meaningful impact on their lives.

When my children were in school, I worked nights and weekends. I know many other women do the same. Nursing is one of the few occupations that offer a flexible schedule that allows us to provide for our families, while still being able to participate in school activities and be there for our children. In fact, my daughter (who now has kids of her own), often says that she doesn’t even remember me working when she was growing up!

Now that I’m in my seventies, I still love caring for my patients and their families. Nurses have a powerful role in patient care, and we can truly make a difference, especially with the support offered by AAMC. When I heard about the opportunity to join askAAMC, I immediately wanted to apply. I knew it was a wonderful opportunity to continue using my skills to care for others, without the physical strain of hands-on nursing.

I’m excited to take on my new role in telehealth. This is an exceptional option for other nurses who, like me, are ready to take the next step toward retirement, but aren’t looking to leave the profession altogether. I can’t wait to take my first call, and to discover how I can continue helping patients and their families—just like I’ve been doing for the last forty-seven years.  -Mary Pat Boyce, RN


  1. Posted by eric, at Reply

    I will have to start calling the line and ask you ridiculous questions to keep you busy.


  2. Posted by Joanne Ronayne, at Reply

    Ask AAMC is lucky to have you. We will miss you on MSU. You are an amazing nurse. Now you will be able to continue helping people in a new phrase of nursing. You are an inspiration to all experienced nurses.

  3. Posted by Brittany Brisoce, at Reply

    Congrats Mary Pat ! MSU will surely miss you. You will be a great asset to askAAMC.


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