Innovation on Oncology — the Fall Prevention Contract

Innovation on Oncology — the Fall Prevention Contract

In March, the Oncology Unit implemented an innovative plan to reduce patient falls – a Fall Prevention Contract. This contract, signed by nurses and PCTs during the unit Skills Day, states in part that staff members agree to participate in bedside SBAR report, to stay with patients while they are in the bathroom and to remain in their assigned patient areas.

In no time at all, both patients and staff have reaped the rewards of this contract: there were no falls during the entire month of April!

And since then, when patients have become unsteady and needed assistance, a PCT or nurse has always been within arms reach, ready to assist. 

On the Oncology Unit, patient education is stressed, with planned teachings about safety whenever patients are admitted or transferred to the unit. Staff members work to be proactive by suggesting, “Let’s get up to the bathroom now,” when completing hourly rounds, instead of simply asking patients if they need to use the restroom at that time.

In addition, the unit revamped its hourly rounding sheets to include check-off boxes to remind nurses and PCTs to make sure each bed only has three side rails up and to check that bed or chair alarms are in place when appropriate. -Kristy Eklund, RN

Great job, Oncology! Your commitment to patient safety and nursing quality deserves recognition.

Nora Rawson, PCT, and charge nurse Heather Hyland, RN, are all smiles about 32 “fall-free days” on the Oncology Unit.

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