Inaugural season for AAMC softball teams fun for all!

Inaugural season for AAMC softball teams fun for all!

Hammer Team 2

AAMC Hammers

On August 10th, two AAMC softball teams took the field for the first time. Team Energize and the AAMC Hammers were born! Thirty-three employees from all over the institution came together to represent our hospital on the softball field playing (and winning) a game we love.  After a few meet and greet practices, we arrived on game night still unsure of everyone’s name or what they were about. But by the second week we were all fast friends and strong teammates!

It has been a wonderful experience.  Here’s what some of my teammates had to say:

“I will say that it has helped me to be able to put names with faces.  I have seen a lot of my teammates walking around campus, but never knew their names until meeting them during softball.  Now, I feel I know a person in most departments and even better, a friend.  I have enjoyed playing this fall, but even more, meeting everyone from the hospital.  I am glad and appreciative of the opportunity to play with everyone and to represent the hospital.” -Steve Veasel (Radiology)

“I’ve been playing for the Hammers and it is great to get to know new people from the AAMC family. Everyone is very encouraging to one another since we have a  wide range of skill on the field. Can’t wait to continue playing for the future softball teams.” -Tara Spencer, AT (Annapolis Allergy & Asthma)

Team Energize

Team Energize

“It’s been fun meeting all you lovely people from work and getting to play a little softball on the side. I know I’ve gained friendships from this.”     -Thomas Smith (The Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Center)

Special thanks to Will Younkin (Biomed), our new AAMC Sports Commissioner who organized both teams and got us all out there. Way to go Coach!!

Be on the lookout for more AAMC teams being formed. Next up – Volleyball! Details coming soon!

-Amy Cratty, RN

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