“I love working for askAAMC!” says Janet Henery, RN

“I love working for askAAMC!” says Janet Henery, RN

The askAAMC team

“You never know what kind of job you’re going to fall in love with,” I recently read in Scrubs magazine (free in the Bayside gift shop).

The article, Nice Job, spotlights several unusual and interesting nursing careers.  I was elated to see telephone triage (what I do at askAAMC) was the second job listed. My nursing specialty was finally in the spotlight!

If you know me, you know I love working for askAAMC! A nurse’s opportunities to teach, guide and direct patient care are numerous and involve a variety of clinical issues. I enjoy imagining the patient at the other end, using my critical thinking skills and assisting callers in making decisions that determine their level of care.

If you think you would love working at askAAMC, it’s possible! Currently, askAAMC has two job openings, posted under Resource Nurse on our careers web page: www.aahs.org/careers/

Maybe I’ll see you around!   -Janet  Henery, RN


  1. Posted by Saisa Neel, at Reply

    Janet—your personality is the kind that MAKES AskAAMC so Great!!
    Keep up the Excellent work!!

  2. Posted by Linda Davies, at Reply

    I am with you, I also love working at ASKAAMC. I love the smart educated nurses that I get to work with.

  3. Posted by chad, at Reply

    So proud to be part of this team. Often humbled as one of the non-clinical resources. We are proudly becoming more integrated into the wellness and health promotion office.

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