How it feels to win The DAISY Award

How it feels to win The DAISY Award

Daisy27After getting report on the evening of May 5, 2014, I was taken back to the NICU nursery and surprised by a room full of people — NICU coworkers, physicians from NICU and L&D, members of PNC, Betsey Snow, Sherry Perkins, Tori Bayless, and even my husband and two sons! I was told I was being presented with The DAISY Award for bedside nurses. I was completely shocked and honored. 

More details from that evening is here.  My 2½ year old still talks about “going to Mommy’s work to eat cake”! 

I was blown away by the great lengths that everyone went through to make the evening so special for me: numerous people from the NICU tried to get in contact with my husband to ensure that he would be there for my big moment, friends and coworkers came in on their night off for the ceremony, my nominators took the time out of their shifts to write up an essay to recommend me for this award.

After the blog article was published, nurses from other areas of the hospital emailed me to say congratulations — I was even recognized by a phlebotomist while I was getting labwork done! Everyone made me feel so special.

As a member of PNC, I have helped choose the DAISY award winners on several occasions.  It is always so touching to hear the stories of kindness and compassion that our nurses are demonstrating every day. I would have never imagined myself winning this prestigious award. I was in complete shock when I found out that I was nominated by two of the nurses that I look up to the mostif anything, they deserve an award. 

I learned that most DAISY Award winners feel this way — generally, all nurses feel like they are just doing their job. In reality, we do much more than that. Those special moments will be remembered forever by our patients.   

Admittedly, I have never nominated anyone for the DAISY Award, but now that I know firsthand how special it is, I will surely try to nominate others in the future. -Carin Weinreich, RN

Do you know a bedside nurse who deserves special recognition? Now’s your chance to nominate them for a DAISY Award! Please make sure to include a specific story that illustrates how this nurse went above and beyond. Click here to access the online nomination form, due by August 15, 2014. Contact Jenn Romero at with questions.

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