“How does a scholarship help? Let me count the ways” by Cheryl Briggs, RN

“How does a scholarship help? Let me count the ways” by Cheryl Briggs, RN

scholarshipHow does a scholarship help?  Let me count the ways…

I used my scholarship money to buy a laptop so that I would be able to access my course work, communications with instructors and classmates, and class projects at any time. My scholarship helps to pay for expenses not covered by tuition assistance — gas to get to classes, supplies needed for various courses, and books. 

Having scholarship money also helps keep my mind off some of the financial concerns and allows me to focus on my studies. Every now and then, if I have an opportunity to take a day off because of low census, I am able to take it and use the time to study or complete projects. This reduces my stress level.

The scholarship has enhanced my career at AAMC by helping me to get closer to my goal of a higher degree. Numerous studies show that advanced education, certification and continuing education correlates to better nursing care.

I would like my donor to know that I think of them often as I travel this journey to a higher degree.  Because of their generosity, my financial burden is lessened. If I am having difficulty coping with the load I carry, I remember their generosity and their commitment to helping me reach my educational goals.

I am grateful to have received this scholarship and encourage everyone who is on the path to higher education to apply for one of the many generous scholarships that are available.
-Cheryl Briggs, RN (NICU), Balfe Clifford Nursing Scholarship recipient

For scholarship eligibility and guidelines, read Are you in nursing school? $5,000 could be yours with a Foundation scholarship! 

Applications are available via the Nursing Web site. Contact Jennifer Wilson at jwilson3@aahs.org with questions.

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