How did Charlotte Wallace, RN, help to make Maryland history?

How did Charlotte Wallace, RN, help to make Maryland history?

Doc1Last week, AAMC’s sustainability coordinator, Charlotte Wallace, RN, got to be a part of history as Maryland became the first state to pass legislation that will ban arsenic in chicken feed.

According to Charlotte, this bill almost did not pass.

For over three years, she and a group of dedicated individuals have met with delegates, testified during hearings and rallied for public support. In February, they even testified at the House of Delegates. 

Charlotte and her colleagues were able to use their backgrounds in nursing, medicine, biology, chemistry and even the precautionary principle (embraced by the American Nurses Association) to educate the delegates on the importance of this issue.

Says Charlotte of her experience: “Knowing that for 12 of the past 13 years the Gallup poll has shown that nurses were rated to be the most honest and ethical profession, I was proud to begin my testimony with, ‘My name is Charlotte Wallace and I am a nurse.’

“Although I played a very small role, I feel more empowered to look upstream and make my voice heard. I encourage everyone to use the power of your voice to advocate for issues close to your heart.” 

Way to go, Charlotte! What about you? What are you passionate about? What issues are you advocating for? Share here.


  1. Posted by Charlotte Wallace, at Reply

    Thanks everyone! It was an amazing experience.

    Now concentrating back at the federal level regarding TSCA reform. Although, thankfully, I will not be testifying, just meeting with elected officials.

  2. Posted by Eve Sage, at Reply

    Congratulations Charlotte, what a great job representing this cause and our profession!!

  3. Posted by tina andersen, at Reply

    way to go!!

  4. Posted by nia wright, at Reply

    Woo Hoo Charlotte. Way to go! Thanks for making our food safer for our consumption. You are a champion and a hero.

  5. Posted by Dawn hudson, at Reply

    Wonderful cause! It is a wonderful feeling when people listen to your concerns and you feel like you made a difference. I spoke a few years ago to delegates for infertility issues on Lobby day for Resolve, it is a very empowering feeling when you are surrounded by a group fighting for their stand on issues. Congrats Charlotte!!

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