How are Cardiac Rehab staff like “Big Brother”? Find out here.

How are Cardiac Rehab staff like “Big Brother”? Find out here.


A shout out to the Cardiac Rehab team! We love to share these patient letters — everyone needs to know that what happens during rehab is simply amazing. Read on to see why.

I would like to commend to you the staff of Cardiac Rehab at AAMC: Terri Harding, Dianne Walters, Carol Frazer, Elyse Seckens and receptionist, Sandy Rand.

The staff has managed to engender a focused, enthusiastic and, when appropriate, light-hearted environment in the gym, just the sort of environment patients need to keep them trying their best. Every patient is given real personal attention, so that they feel as though they are the most important person there. And this level of this attention lasts throughout the months of rehabilitation.

The staff closely and continually monitors the patients to ensure their well-being. I was made aware of this twice during my workouts when, almost before I realized that I was overdoing it, a staff member had noticed an abnormality on the monitor and was at my side checking on me and slowing me down. It truly does add to a patients’ sense of security to know that someone is always watching them like a benign Big Brother (Sister?!).

And when there is a crisis, the staff are completely professional and immediately respond. I observed this on two occasions and was impressed and grateful that they were looking after me, too.

Finally, about four interns volunteer at Cardio Rehab. I watched as the most recent batch started work there and was again impressed with how quickly and thoroughly the staff generated the same focused, enthusiastic approach in the interns that they themselves have.

You do have the A-Team staffing Cardiac Rehab. They would be the A-Team wherever they worked – fortunately it is at AAMC!

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