“Honoring Those Who Donate Life” by Michelle Donovan, BSN, RN

“Honoring Those Who Donate Life” by Michelle Donovan, BSN, RN

AAMC Leadership

(left to right) Chip Doordan, Sherry Perkins, Michelle Donovan, Rodney Gettman, Ieesha Johnson, Rande Dent, Karen Asplund, Wendy Easterling, Vivian Craft, and Clint Welch gather to raise the Donate for Life flag.

Today, AAMC raised the Donate Life flag, now flying just below the American and State of Maryland flags. In tribute to organ and tissue donors, we celebrated with the Living Legacy Foundation, our organ procurement organization, through the Flags Across Maryland campaign.

This month is National Donate Life Month. Throughout April, AAMC will fly the Donate Life flag in honor of the profound generosity of individuals and families who have offered the gift of life to others, even as they experienced personal loss.

We acknowledge and remember four AAMC patients who donated organs in 2009, as well as their families and support systems. These donors, with the assistance and caring of our staff, the determination of their families, and the collaboration of the Living Legacy Foundation, gave the gift of life to 13 donor recipients. Thirteen lives were saved.

In addition to these organ donors, there were 30 tissue and eye donors who helped save and enhance the lives of thousands of individuals.

We are honored to fly the Donate Life flag in recognition of these donors and will continue to work with our staff, the Living Legacy Foundation, and Donate Life Maryland to bring an awareness of this special gift to our Medical Center and community.

As the flag flies during the month of April, will you consider and reflect on your choices regarding organ donation? Are you an organ donor? If so, please let your family know.

Do you have questions about organ donation? Click here

Have you experienced caring for a patient and family who made the decision to donate an organ? What about someone on the recieving end of donation? Please share your story here.


  1. Posted by Kathleen Kelm, at Reply

    I donated the kidneys of my long missed new born daughter, Lilith Sappho Kelm, now these 37 years ago, when her heart stopped in Minneapolis. I still hope that somewhere, a beautiful woman or two is living and thriving with that piece of me that was my poor baby. Please, Nurses, give the gift of comfort to the families of the dead and dying. Tell them that they will find ease in knowing that they perhaps saved another mother my tears. And they still flow this day. In memory of Lily, born April 3, 1973, died April 5, 1973, a small life that may still have meaning.

  2. Posted by Ruby Vlcej, BSN, RN, at Reply

    I would like to say that donating organs is not an easy decision to make for any family, but is a wonderful gift that helps sustain life in others. In 1992, an unfortunate accident left my 19 year old brother brain dead. My family’s decision to take my brother off life support was a challenging and hard decision to make. None the less, a decision was made and my brother’s organs were harvested. Tissue donation was either never truly explained to my family or the grieving was just too overwhelming to remember. The thought of having pieces of my brother living in others was an overwhelming feeling of joy and sadness. We understand that donors and recipients remain anonymous, but we were blessed with the oportunity to meet the recipients of my brother’s heart and one of his kidneys. It was a joyous day knowing that we made a decision that truly impacted our lives forever and the lives of others.

  3. Posted by Krista Graham RN, at Reply

    Does AAMC only promote organ donation or do they promote and conduct any bone marrow drives to bring awareness about bone marrow donation to the hospital employees as this can be just as important as organ donation

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