Homecare nurse writes letter of thanks to Joint Spine Center staff, “I’m in awe.”

Homecare nurse writes letter of thanks to Joint Spine Center staff, “I’m in awe.”

We always love receiving letters from fellow nurses and health care staff, we know that impressing these folks is no easy task. This letter will make you smile – it’s one more reason we’re proud to be AAMC nurses. Way to go, Joint Spine staff!


As a homecare nurse, I have visited my patients for years on Joint/Spine Center as they recuperated. In fact, I can go back to the “hard hat” tour and remember Dr. Marshall Steele and his great delight with the launching of this wonderful, specialized unit.

Little did I realize that I would one day experience the scope of that extraordinary care myself. However, I recently underwent surgery for a hip replacement under the expert care of my surgeon, Dr. Paul King.

When I was removed from Recovery to the Joint/Spine Center floor, I found myself in a lovely, quiet room at the end of the hall where I was cared for with kindness, courtesy and quiet competence by a succession of nurses and techs. Call bells were promptly answered and pain medication offered and given as requested. This was especially appreciated in the wee hours of the night.

The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy departments both administered their treatments with smiling faces and understanding, gentle hands. I found this soothing and encouraging. They made me want to try my best.

I must also say that the pre-operative calls from Donna Achenback, Customer Service Coordinator, and Denise Buccheri, RN, and the Joint Camp class were a tremendous help in my preparation and understanding of what I was about to undergo. As well, the post-op call from Rita Rohme, RN, was appreciated.

I have always been proud of our AAMC Joint/Spine Center from afar. Now that I have experienced it for myself, I can only say I am in awe of the excellence of your program. You have my admiration and respect.


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