Hey Alec: Your 30-second Alec Update

Hey Alec: Your 30-second Alec Update

Introducing Hey Alec, the Alec email updates that are quick, easy to read, current, and pertinent to you.

We’ve changed the formatting so that you can see—at a glance—exactly what you need to know. Starting with a Hey Alec question, we’ll focus on documentation standards and how AAMC policies are supported by documentation. Hey Alec questions will be relevant to all staff.

Next, specific updates will be listed, divided by area or unit for easy reading. No more scanning through updates that don’t apply to you. Now, in about 30 seconds or less, a CCU nurse can be sure she’s gotten the most current Alec info for CCU. Same with PCU, Dialysis, Ambulatory, ED… and everyone else!

Look for the Hey Alec yellow sticky note in your inbox each week.

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