Hey Alec: Your 30-second Alec Update

Hey Alec: Your 30-second Alec Update

Introducing Hey Alec, the Alec email updates that are quick, easy to read, current, and pertinent to you.

We’ve changed the formatting so that you can see—at a glance—exactly what you need to know. Starting with a Hey Alec question, we’ll focus on documentation standards and how AAMC policies are supported by documentation. Hey Alec questions will be relevant to all staff.

Next, specific updates will be listed, divided by area or unit for easy reading. No more scanning through updates that don’t apply to you. Now, in about 30 seconds or less, a CCU nurse can be sure she’s gotten the most current Alec info for CCU. Same with PCU, Dialysis, Ambulatory, ED… and everyone else!

Look for the Hey Alec yellow sticky note in your inbox each week.

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  1. Posted by Jan Nyland, at Reply

    What is the Admission Process for pts coming in for surgery? Are they required to have all of the Admission Data entered before surgery?

    • Posted by Kathie Lester, at Reply

      The prep area, pre-admission testing, or pre-op nurses start the admission process by asking questions related to the patient’s health and surgical history and well as prior to admission medications. This information flows into the admission screening and should be able for you to view on an admission. If information is missing, then should be completed within the first 24-hours of admission. Please let me know if you need additional information.

      • Posted by Jan Nyland, at Reply

        Should the remainder of the “Admission” be done by the primary nurse, or are they going to call the Admission Nurse”?

        The Admission Nurses have not done Post-op pts in the past, they are already admitted. Recently the nurses are requesting that we complete the Admission when the pt gets out of PACU.

        Has protocol been changed? The nurses need to all be on the same page, the primary nurse, and the Admission Nurses.
        Thanks, Jan

  2. Posted by Josephine A. Le Master, at Reply

    I think this is a great idea! It will assist staff to focus on what is pertinent to their area of work! Thanks!

    • Posted by Kathie Lester, at Reply

      Thanks for the positive feedback. We are looking for better ways to communicate Alec changes that apply to nursing.

  3. Posted by CHARLOTTE DARVICH, at Reply

    In calling patients in the prep team to prepare them for surgery
    when will the interpreter button work as a communication tool?
    We need to be able to quickly inform the translator that patients
    who do not speak English will require assistance. Also, how can we indicate on the health data base that the patient is adopted
    under family history. That information does not remain on the
    health data base. Thank you. Charlotte Darvich-Kodjouri, RN

    • Posted by Kathie Lester, at Reply

      I do not know the answers to your questions but I will follow-up with the appropropriate people to get some answers for you. I will let you know next week the answers to your questions.

  4. Posted by Cricket, at Reply

    Thank you!

    • Posted by Kathie Lester, at Reply

      You are welcome! I hope the changes are helpful. Thank-you for your feedback.

  5. Posted by carol lacher, at Reply

    This new process with the yellow note pad is great! Quick to see the key message. Kathie has greatly improved the updates for nursing. Thanks Carol

    • Posted by Kathie Lester, at Reply

      Thank-you for your positive feedback.

  6. Posted by Amy T, at Reply

    Hey Alec;
    Can we have the eMar prompt us for pt’s pain scale pre and post administration? anyway it upload to the flow sheet? Similar to how it does when vital signs are required.


    • Posted by Kathie Lester, at Reply

      Great question. I will have to investigate if this is possible and I will get back to you next week.

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