Congratulations Joyce!

Congratulations Joyce!

Please join me in congratulating Joyce Wilson-Phillips on 50 years of wonderful, dedicated service to Anne Arundel Medical Center. Joyce started at AAMC back in 1970, initially as a nursing assistant on B3 downtown.  That role wasn’t a great fit for Joyce, so she moved into the unit secretary role after taking a number of classes to develop her skills. This role was perfect for her level of attention to detail and talent for coordinating processes.  Joyce later worked in ancillary services for a number of years, but later returned back to B3 and finally settled into “PCU” which later became the Heart and Vascular Unit.

Joyce’s favorite part of her job was transcribing doctors’ orders, deciphering handwriting, and ordering medications and supplies. She misses the “pen and paper” style of her job but adapted to the technology advances as the computer age advanced.  Joyce most appreciates the friends and family she has accumulated along the journey of her 50 years.

When not working, Joyce loves to work in her garden with flowers and plants. She also has a passion for shopping, seafood, fried chicken, and Miller Lite! Joyce also enjoys interior design and has a beautiful home in Severn, Maryland.  Joyce is a wealth of knowledge and experience and is an excellent resource for her co-workers, patients, and family members. We look forward to a big celebration when we can all get together and dance in Joyce’s honor!



  1. Posted by Sedonna Brown, at Reply

    Congratulations! I celebrate you and your years of dedicated service to AAMC. You are a “beacon of light” to all who know you and interacted with you. I have benefited from your wisdom and kindnesses through the years. I am grateful! You will be missed!!

  2. Posted by Bretagne Cowling, at Reply

    Ms Joyce,
    You made HVU feel like “home” to me for the last 4.5 years, thanks to your kindness, sense of humor and dedication to professional excellence. You are truly one in a million and I can’t wait to celebrate you and all of your contributions when the time is right!
    With much respect and love,
    Bretagne and the boys

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