Happy Doctor’s Day from AAMC Nurses!

Happy Doctor’s Day from AAMC Nurses!

Click here to watch a video of AAMC employees celebrating Doctors Day 2012. To all our physician colleagues: we couldn’t do it without you!

DocDay video


  1. Posted by Kelly Swan, at Reply

    @ Trish: I’m Kelly from Marketing/Communications. I wanted to respond regarding your feedback. We’re sorry we missed including CCU in the Docs Day tribute video. We rounded the hospital and tried to catch as many employees and teams as possible, and we regret that we missed you and your team. We’ll be sure that CCU is better represented in things like this in the future. Please feel free to reach out to me directly by phone at x4716 or email at kswan@aahs.org. Thank you!

  2. Posted by patricia seal, at Reply

    I was wondering why CCU was not represented in this clip. We absolutely love our physicians!!! We would have liked to show our appreciation as well. Maybe if we are informed of how to do so, next year we can participate. It seems we get left out quite a bit. Are there unit reps for these PR events?? If so, do we have one or shall we appoint one?? Thanks!!! Trish

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