Trick or Treating on Peds — a special Halloween treat!

Trick or Treating on Peds — a special Halloween treat!

Peds HalloweenHalloween brought AAMC a special treat as dragons, dogs, princesses and witches paraded the halls of the hospital for a little “trick or treating” — complete with oxygen masks, IV poles and bandages. These spooky creatures were patients from our Pediatric Department.

The children and their families, accompanied by nursing and child life staff, sought goodies from the volunteers at the registration desk, coffee shop personnel, Emergency Department administrative team and Nursing Administration.

Trick or Treating for the pediatric patients was the brain child of a 14 year-old young man who thought he was going to have to spend last Halloween in the hospital. Luckily, he was discharged the day prior. This year he told his mother he wanted to do something for the children who do have to be in the hospital on Halloween. He and his mother approached Meghan Siegel and Polly Hurlburt, Child Life Specialists, and together they brought this idea to life.

The Halloween parade brought smiles to the children– and maybe even bigger smiles to the adults who watched them enjoy a very memorable October 31, 2012.  -Betsey Snow, MPH, BSN, RN


  1. Posted by Charlotte Wallace, at Reply

    Such a spook-tacular unit!

  2. Posted by Jeanne Morris, at Reply

    So adorable! I think that the 14 year old young man who recommended the “Trick or Treating” is our youngest advisor!!!

  3. Posted by Jill Smitley, at Reply

    Wonderful smiles. Please ask Betsey about her wand!

  4. Posted by mary etta barbour, at Reply

    What a wonderful idea! So happy we have so many people making this kind of thing happen!! AAMC truly is so blessed to have so many people that give so much of thier time and talents!!

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