Got a medical emergency or arrest? Who you gonna call?

Got a medical emergency or arrest? Who you gonna call?

Do you know how to get additional help if a medical emergency or cardiopulmonary arrest is identified?

Beginning Feb. 15, AAMC’s new Emergency Response Teams policy will go into effect. There are some new and exciting things included in the policy.

As part of our commitment to a culture of safety, anyone can call the Rapid Response Team for help. Yes, that’s right, ANYONE – patients, family, employees, visitors and volunteers. 

The team can be activated by dialing 1111. Information will be included in the patient guide given to patients on admission but please make sure this information is included in the room orientation.

Emergency Response by campus location on campus is as follows:

  • Code Blue and Rapid Response Team (Both teams -1111): Hospital, Clatanoff, Edwards Pavilions and Donner Pavilion Radiation Oncology Inpatients only

  • EMS (911) and Security (6911): Wayson, Donner, Health Sciences and Sajak Pavilions, including all outpatient regulated space and all campus parking areas. Outpatient regulated space can still call the Hospital Operations Coordinator at 5909 if they need additional assistance to bridge the gap waiting for EMS arrival

There are still special situations for neonates in the Bay Area Midwifery and Outpatient Infusion Center – review the policy for details.

Don’t forget about the Public Access AED program on our campus. AEDs are located at the elevators in our office buildings and garages.

As part of our commitment to patients and families:

  • patients who have a DNR or “do not resuscitate” designation and are undergoing a procedure will have an opportunity to discuss with their provider whether they wish this designation to remain intact during and after the procedure.

  • If the Rapid Response Team or the Code Blue Team is activated, the Unit Clinical Director, Hospital Operations Coordinator or Clatanoff Pavilion Administrative Coordinator will follow-up with the patient and/or family within 24 hours of the event. This will give the patient and/or family an opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns.

Thank you to our patient/family liaison Jeannie Davis and the wonderful team that worked so hard to put this policy together. If you have any questions about the emergency response for our campus don’t hesitate to ask your director or clinical educator.   –Sandy Fox, MSN, RN-BC

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