Linen changes go green and save the green

Linen changes go green and save the green

sheets_on_clothesline-561x393Patient beds will be straightened daily and changed as needed.

Suggested Script:

“Your room has been cleaned to provide you with a clean and safe environment. In an effort to protect the environment, we will straighten your bedding daily and change linen as necessary.”


  • All torn or stained linen should be placed in the linen hampers to be removed by contracted cleaning service and used for rags or textile donation. NEVER THROW LINEN AWAY.
  • Take only the amount of linen you need in the rooms.Do not store linen in patient rooms.
  • Do not pad the bed with extra linen, as this decreases the effectiveness of the pressure relief mattresses.
  • Draw sheets are not to be used for incontinence. Place chux pad to capture incontinence.
  • For those patients who require more warmth, place the bath blanket between the flat sheet and spread (or another flat sheet) to provide a thermal effect.

Did You Know?

  • Every day tons of detergent and millions of gallons of water are used to wash linen that has only been used once.
  • Linens are washed and sanitized according to strict industrial standards, ensuring that they are safe for reuse.
  • To further protect our environment, AAMC linens are washed in oxygenated (non-chlorine) bleach.
  • AAMC spent over $475,000 per year on linen.

-Charlotte Wallace, RN

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