Giving props to Prep – our “behind the scenes” PeriAnesthesia team

Giving props to Prep – our “behind the scenes” PeriAnesthesia team

Prep is defined as the “activity of putting or setting in order in advance.” That is exactly what the Prep team, a group of dedicated CSRs and nurses on the second floor of the ACP, do every day as they prepare our patients for surgery, Interventional Radiology, Cath Lab and Endoscopy. They work behind the scenes, making sure our patients flow through the pre-op and pre-procedure process smoothly and safely.

The CSRs make the first contact with each patient to gather accurate demographic data and insurance information. Then, several days before surgery, the Prep nurse contacts the patient to obtain allergy information, medication lists and pertinent health history. Instructions are given and many questions are answered. Interviewing patients can be challenging–both the nurses and CSRs have spoken with patients who are anywhere from airplanes to bathrooms to nursing homes, and sometimes through a translator! 

After the interview comes the detective work–finding and gathering lab work, x-ray reports, EKGs, H&Ps and consults. Every day, these chart are put together, ready and waiting for the next day’s patients. This team handles these initial contacts with care and compassion…let’s give props to Prep!

-Rita Linnenkamp, RN

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    Prep Nurses are the unsung heroes of making the surgical experience efficient for patients and staff. They are the clinical welcome committee for our surgical patients!

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