From physician to patient – a letter of thanks to AAMC staff

From physician to patient – a letter of thanks to AAMC staff

iStock_000016470320SmallA physician writes his thanks to medical and nursing staff after an experience as a patient at AAMC…

I wanted to write this letter in appreciation for the truly extraordinary care that I recently received at Anne Arundel Medical Center. I have been a physician on staff at AAMC for 20 years, but it created a very different perspective for me to suddenly become a patient myself.

After diagnosis with prostate cancer, I was admitted for a Da Vinci radical prostatectomy by Robert Hanley, M.D. Anticipation for that is certainly a vulnerable and terrifying experience. However, from the minute of arrival, I felt comforted to be treated in such a competent, compassionate, kind and gentle way.

In Pre-op and PACU, I was lucky to have Jodi Quillen, RN, and then Laura Hanlon, RN, assisting me in such a professional manner. On the GSU unit, I was always so well-cared for by Vicky Briscoe, PCT, Beth Hoban, RN, Amanda Bressler, RN, Argelis Arjona, PCT, and Camille Armstrong, RN.  I truly felt blessed to have these extraordinary people caring for me in such a helpful and positive way.

Dr. Hanley and his team did a superb job, and I will certainly have my chance to thank him. But I also wanted to express my gratitude to the staff of AAMC. Your level of exceptional care was very much noticed and appreciated.


  1. Posted by carol Namo, at Reply

    Way to go Team!!! How wonderful for this Dr. as a patient to take the time and share his appreciation in words. It is different when we become the patient. Thanks Dr. for sharing. It makes it a little easier should I have to become a patient to have confidence in my colleagues and the place where I work, to know that I will receive the same great care.
    I pray your recovery will be 100% plus.

  2. Posted by M. H., at Reply

    That’s what I like to hear!

  3. Posted by Eve Sage, at Reply

    Great note of appreciation!!! Way to go Dr. Hanley, Pre-op & GSU teams!

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