From new grad to seasoned nurse

From new grad to seasoned nurse

The Nursing Graduate Internship is a yearlong program that supports the transition of new graduate nurses as they journey from classroom theory to real-life bedside nursing. Together, they’ve studied nursing skills, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and stress management—and are well on their way to becoming seasoned AAMC nurses.

Congratulations to our February 2010 cohort! As of this month, they have successfully completed their first year as nurses at AAMC. A graduation celebration was held on February 15 to acknowledge this achievement.

CNO, Sherry B. Perkins, PhD, RN noted how these nurses have already begun to “bloom where they were planted,” and shared encouraging words from each nurse’s unit. It was clear that many of these new grads have already made a huge impact on their patients, units, and coworkers.

Pictured above from left to right are our Feb 2010 new grads: Amanda O’Neil (ONC), Phoebe Eilenberg (ONC), Thomas Radcliffe (ED), Kristen Wesley (PCU), Carly Cross (ONC), Kate Jorgensen (MSU), Ayoko Hillah (JSU), Etta Fulton (MSU), Micheline Holmes (OR), Rachel Sienkiewich (PCU), Stephanie Montgomery (OR), Tiffany Oates (SCU), Kim Moulden (CCU), Lonita Broome (GSU). Not Pictured: Kaitlin George (CCU) and Kara Metzler (CCU)

-Jenn WIlson, MSN, RN


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