From my heart to AAMC – A nursing student expresses gratitude for Annette Bargmann & the Special Care Unit

From my heart to AAMC – A nursing student expresses gratitude for Annette Bargmann & the Special Care Unit

A nursing student’s initial anxieties are washed away by “AAMC culture.” Thanks to Annette Bargmann, RN, and the whole Special Care team for investing in the future of nursing.

From my heart to AAMC. When I was posted to SCU for my senior nursing practicum experience, I was anxious and fearful, not knowing my way around Annapolis or anyone at the hospital. But my first day in the facility changed my feelings. Right from the entrance of the hospital I was met with a warm welcoming smile and greeting from a nurse I did not know and, as a matter of fact, never met again. This same type of warm greeting later became part of my daily experience – I described it as “AAMC culture” to my friends. It was a culture that radiated throughout the hospital and should be copied by other facilities.

At this point, let me introduce you to my preceptor, Annette Bargmann, RN, and the people in SCU. I could not have asked for a better place to have my first major clinical experience. Qualities such as teamwork, kindness, cooperation and warm attitude stood out on the unit. I was never intimidated or afraid to ask questions or for help from anyone.

My preceptor had some qualities that helped me so much to achieve my clinical goals. She was enthusiastic, positive, passionate about effective patient outcomes, kind, loving, but firm. She never failed to correct and make sure that I learned what I was supposed to know. Perhaps the most outstanding quality was the way Annette totally gave herself wholly to patients whenever she was with them. She treated each patient as thought they were the only thing that mattered in the world. Her interpersonal skills were unique. Annette, thank you for allowing me to benefit from your experience.

I cannot end this write up without expressing my gratitude to Rebecca Howe, the charge nurse, and Mary Cohn, the unit educator, for the extra miles they both went to ensure my clinical experience was effective and my goals achieved. For me, the word SPECIAL does not only refer to the unit but to all of you nurses on the unit. You all contributed in making my experience on SCU special. Thanks and God bless you all.


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