From bedside to barn, Brittany keeps busy!

From bedside to barn, Brittany keeps busy!

BritannyWe spend many hours side-by-side with our coworkers, helping each other through long and busy shifts. Something I discovered recently — when you do finally get to sit down, take a break, and start chatting with these people that you spend a good portion of your life with, it’s amazing what you find out.

Recently, I learned that one of our charge nurses on HVU, Brittany Metzger, RN, has a passion for horses. People couldn’t help but be drawn in as she shared her stories.

Brittany grew up in South County and began riding horses at the age of seven. “This is amazing!” she thought, and she was hooked. She now spends three days a week working as a nurse, but on her days off  she can be found at Oak Crest Farms where she boards her horse and pony. To offset the cost of owning horses, which can be an expensive hobby, Brittany helps with the day to day running of the stables by feeding, watering, riding, and schooling the horses, as well as growing the hay.

Many of our patients are from South County and Brittany can relate to the farmers and horse lovers. Often, she can recognize their slight accent, which begs the question, “Where are you from?” As they talk about their shared passion, she notices a sense of relief in their faces. They build trust, helping them heal.

Prior to this conversation, I never really knew Brittany well, but that one nugget of information led to a better personal relationship as well as professional camaraderie. One of Brittany’s favorite bumper stickers reads,  “Horses are like potato chips… You just can’t have one!”  Well, the same goes for our stories, you can’t just tell one and I am looking forward to hearing more about my work family.  -Marianne McKiernan, RN

Do you have a story to tell about yourself or want to share about a co-worker? Getting to know each other beyond our nursing roles gives us a better understanding of each other and, as Marianne says, helps build strong relationships. Tell us your stories and we’ll feature them in theChat. We need more potato chips!


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