Foundation scholarship helps Alison Toepfer, PCT II, on her journey to become a nurse

Foundation scholarship helps Alison Toepfer, PCT II, on her journey to become a nurse

During the application period for the Foundation Nursing Scholarships, we will be featuring posts from last year’s recipients. Here’s how Alison Toepfer, PCT II, benefitted from one of the scholarships.

63929_10151890511269176_1840360104_nI have always had an interest in the healthcare field and became an EMT when I was 16. As I finished high school and began college, I thought that I wanted to work for my family’s construction company. After taking business courses and working behind a computer for four years, I decided to go back to school and become a nurse. I started by taking the CNA course and began my career in the NICU as a PCT II. 

I absolutely LOVE the NICU and started nursing school with the intent to become a NICU nurse.

This May, I was awarded the George and Patricia Benson Nursing Scholarship. I used the scholarship money to help pay for my tuition and books. I also took an extra course over the summer towards my pre-requisites for a BSN program. I am very motivated to continue my nursing education and earn a BSN.

I am forever grateful for the generosity of my Mr. and Mrs. Benson. Without this scholarship, my last year of nursing school would be much more stressful. I am able to focus my time on my education and pick up hours at work as I am able. 

As I approach graduation and reflect on the last two years, I have faced many challenges during nursing school that I never imagined having to endure. Becoming a single mother has been the hardest thing I’ve had to face, but with the help and support of my family, co-workers, and the scholarship donor I have been successful in completing my education and will graduate this December. Thank you for making my dreams possible!  -Alison Toepfer, PCT II

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  1. Posted by Susana Bradbury, at Reply

    Congratulations on your scholarship.

  2. Posted by Cheryl, at Reply

    Well done, Alison!
    For those of you who don’t know Alison, she is a very dedicated, hardworking person. She will no doubt make a great nurse!

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