Feelin’ HOT, HOT, HOT!!

Feelin’ HOT, HOT, HOT!!

iStock_000009803747SmallIn May of 2010, the Honor Our Team (HOT) Card was introduced as a means to give a shout-out to AAMC staff who have gone above and beyond. With the tagline, “If you catch someone doing something nice, tell on them,” the HOT Card was an immediate success. The addition and ease of an online HOT Card, added to our website last year, has proven the success of this shout-out.  www.aahs.org/shoutouts/hot.php

The employees at AAMC do an outstanding job each and every day. Help us recognize them for their hard work and dedication – fill out a HOT Card today.

What is the HOT Card? HOT Cards were developed by the Professional Nurses Council (PNC) and were made available on all units for anyone to fill out. To date, thousands of HOT Cards have been collected! It is an easy way to recognize and honor employees and members of your team. The criteria include: Attitude, Appearance, Teamwork, Accountability, Courtesy/Respect, Listening/Explaining, Privacy, Safety and Caring.

Why is the HOT Card such a great tool? The HOT Card allows members of our team, patients and visitors to recognize and honor employees who consistently demonstrate behavioral standards that exceed our expectations.

Who is eligible for a HOT Card nomination? All non-management employees who are regular full-time, regular part-time or CPT.

Who can nominate an employee? Peers, supervisors, directors, executives, patients, and visitors.

Remember, if you catch someone doing something nice, tell on them… you can even post it here!   -Deb Keane, RN

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