Emergency Nurses Week: Oct 10-16

Emergency Nurses Week: Oct 10-16

According to the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), there are 100,000 emergency nurses in the United States—enough to fill Camden Yards…twice!

The ninety nurses who staff AAMC’s Emergency Department (ED) see close to 78,000 patients annually—about 210 adult and pediatric patients each day.

Our amazing ED team cares for a community who requires professional, competent care at a moment’s notice. This April, when our new adult/pediatric ED open, we will be able to serve them even more efficiently. Progressive renovations will give the community a 66-bed ED. No one is more excited than the staff of the emergency department.

Growth brings challenge. The staff has been hard at work discussing and planning for changes in patient flow and reconfiguring staffing to meet the needs of a larger geographic area.

With change comes opportunity. Nurturing new leaders, exercising advances in emergency nursing practice, meeting the changes of health care reform and perfecting day to day operations will provide the staff with a full plate. We are excited and ready!

“As an ED nurse ‘wannabe,’ I’m in constant awe at the caring, flexibility, and knowledge of our ED nurses – thank you AAMC ED,” says CNO, Sherry B. Perkins, PhD, RN.  In recognition of Emergency Nurses Week, thank an ED nurse—a valued member of the AAMC health care delivery team!

-Wendy Easterling R.N.

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