Edwards patient thanks staff, says, “My stay in the hospital was, in a word — refreshing!”

Edwards patient thanks staff, says, “My stay in the hospital was, in a word — refreshing!”


A letter of thanks from a patient who has many kind things to say about all the staff who helped him through his recent surgery. Way to go, Edwards team!

It has been just a few days since my surgery at the Edwards Surgery Center. I am now home and recovering nicely. The purpose of this letter is to commend the folks working at the hospital.

I have had the privilege of volunteering at the Short Stay Unit for about ten years and had the opportunity to watch the professional staff there tend to patients. I have always been impressed and, at times, in awe of the compassion and dedication that I have observed by the nurses and doctors. You probably know, but it bears repeating, that the Medical Center is blessed with extraordinary people; you should be proud!

This time, as a patient, I had the occasion of witnessing their skills and talents up close and personal. I can only write that I am even more impressed. Doctors Edward Holt and Mike Webb were terrific! They were attentive to my every question, of which I had many, and they treated me with courtesy and a politeness that reduced any anxiety I may have had. Kate Platnick was so assiduous as she reviewed every detail associated with the surgery.

The following folks were kind and professionally thorough: Becky Holland, RN, in recovery, Kia Ahmed, RN, the pre-op nurse, Trish DeMuth, RN, in post-op, Dee Rowel, nurse family patient liaison, and Yolandra Tongue, CSR. Each treated me with kindness and dignity.

In the eyes of a man in his mid 70s, I am afraid that many facets of our world have become coarse and, at times, ugly. Many of the institutions of our society reflect this vulgarity. The point here is that I experienced an enclave at the medical center populated with kind and decent people who displayed charitable understanding. I must say that my stay in the hospital was, in a word — refreshing! Who woulda thought! For that I am exceedingly grateful.

Please note that I have not mentioned the professional skills of the staff, which appeared to be exemplary. I would have written this letter even if the surgery were not as successful. This missive addresses and focuses on the exquisite human qualities of the staff at the hospital.

I hope that I have given you enough information about the persons I mentioned in this letter that you can share it with them. I also would like to commend you for providing the leadership that promotes and supports this welcoming and pleasant milieu.

May God bless Anne Arundel Medical Center.

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