“ED Nurses are Too HOT to Handle” by Aliene Deale

“ED Nurses are Too HOT to Handle” by Aliene Deale

Last May, AAMC launched the Honor Our Team (HOT) Program, developed by the Professional Nurses Council (PNC). Recognition forms—called HOT Cards—were made available on all units for anyone to fill out. Below, some recent responses from our Emergency Department:

Lindsey Alexander was recognized as one HOT R.N. by Liza Clemens, R.N. (CCU), who wrote: “Awesome care of critically ill patient and fantastic teamwork! Thanks, Lindsey!” She said Lindsey exceeded in attitude, appearance, teamwork, accountability, courtesy/respect, listening/explaining, privacy, safety, and caring! Wow! That’s AWESOME! Way to go, Lindsey! You are great!

Nancy Faust, R.N., Kevin McLaughlin, R.N., and Titilola Iyun, R.N., you three are on FIRE! You made a difference to a patient and her mom. Way to go! In regards to your awesomeness in caring, Barbara Bieler, R.N. wrote, “Repeated visits to the ED with my daughter for asthma revealed that the nurses that worked with us are professional, compassionate, and AWESOME! Thank you so much!” You all are TOO HOT TO HANDLE!

Ttsssss…Look at Robyn Lanasa, R.N. sizzle! That’s because she is so HOT! So HOT, in fact, that Liza Clemens, R.N. (CCU) wrote this: “Great teamwork and accountability on a change of shift transfer from the ED. While giving report she found issues that needed to addressed. She hung up, addressed them, then transferred the patient. I really appreciated the teamwork! Thank you!” That’s so HOT! Way to go, Robyn. As always, you’re makin’ it great!

Amanda Jenkins, R.N., is HOT! She was noted to be a communication goddess at the triage desk by our friendly ED advocate, Chris Knight: “Amanda was in intake. She explained the process to patients until they understood. Courteous!” Mmmhhmmm! Way to go, Amanda!

Way to make AAMC smokin’ HOT, everyone! Have you seen some awesome teamwork, great communication, or some other type of HOTness around the organization?  Share it below…


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