ED and CCU staff “saved my life,” says patient

ED and CCU staff “saved my life,” says patient

This patient letter needs no introduction. Just read and be proud – of our colleagues, our profession, and our organization.

I am writing this letter from the bottom of my heart. I want to commend your Emergency Department and Critical Care Unit staff.

Recently, I was brought in by the Queens Anne’s County Volunteer Emergency Unit. I was met in the ED by Brittany Whitecotton, RN, followed by Holly Price, RN, and Tony Banchero, PCT. My BP was extremely low, I had a high fever and uncontrollable diarrhea. I was so cold I shook uncontrollably. I had never been this ill. This night, I truly believe that the competency and efficiency of your nurses and doctors saved my life.

There are no words to describe the professionalism and competency of your staff and medical professionals. They saved my life. Their inherent kindness, compassion and efficiency is beyond belief.

Most of what occurred in the beginning, of course, I don’t remember. I know that the staff took immediate action. Tony carefully handled my 250 Ib body, and when the ED doctor said, “Get him upstairs to CCU,” Brittany literally flew me up to the 3rd floor.

I was met by Lily Oliva, RN, and a few other nurses whom I refer to as “the wild bunch.” They ripped everything off my body, washed me from head to toe, cleaned out my nose and medicated my cracked lips in minutes. I believe I was in shock.

Then the warmest, kindest nurse, Katie Rosenbeck, RN, took charge of my care. She is a pro. Her understanding of people is uncanny. She knows your needs before you do, and her professionalism, knowledge and humanitarianism is flawless. The wisdom that she possesses is far beyond her years. The respect she receives from peers is evident.

I was also cared for, with grace, by Jessica Stephens, PCT, Chardonay Williams, PCT, Dara Schwartz, RN, and Kaitlin George, RN.

The dignity and humanity these people possess is beyond belief; care and kindness I have never experienced. I am an old football player and veteran. I have been hurt many times but never as sick as this. Please let all your staff know how grateful I am. You are a great hospital and that, for that most part, is because of your wonderful, professional and caring staff. They are there because they want to help those in their time of need and they do that with dignity and pride. Each and every one of them. Thank you for your conscientious care.

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