EBP, networking, fist pumps and dancing? Must be Magnet Conference.

EBP, networking, fist pumps and dancing? Must be Magnet Conference.

Thirty AAMC nurses were among the 7,768 attendees who attended the ANCC National Magnet Conference in Baltimore on October 4-6, “Honoring the Past, Creating the Future.”

Attendees were treated to exhibits featuring past decades of nursing (with opportunities to dress in the style of their favorite decade), book signings, virtual poster presentations, product demonstrations—and even a display of several of Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton’s letters.

Magnet Conference is always loads of fun. But the main reasons people love to attend this conference are the rich and diverse learning that takes place, the sharing of evidence-based practices, and networking with friends and colleagues.

Holly Greever, RN, describes the vibe. “People were arriving by car, bus, and rail, with large crowds filing in around me as I walked into the check-in area. The excitement and energy was palpable. Some groups wore matching clothes and held banners. There were high fives, hugs, laughing, and dancing—I think I even saw a few fist pumps! There were cheers, yelling, and standing ovations. All of this energy, pride and excitement was being expressed by nurses for nurses.”

We’ll include more on our staff nurse’s perspectives on the conference later this week.

Were you one of the attendee’s? Let us know your thoughts here!

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  1. Posted by Deb Keane, at Reply

    Nurses and vendors and posters – Oh My! The 2011 ANCC Magnet Conference held in Baltimore, MD, was amazing. What a unique opportunity to interact with other nurses, learning sharing and comparing.

    The P.R. prior to the conference states: “Attendees return to their hospitals energized to improve their nursing programs and equipped with proven methods to do so.” And they lived up to the hype.

    All the presenters and attendees are just like you and me; they work in an institution that strives for quality of patient care. They have encountered problems and they bring their solutions to share so that others may benefit from their experience.

    My favorite question asked at the conference was “Do you do nursing or are you a nurse?”
    And my favorite suggestion was a system wide form for staff to fill out that Shared Governance addresses (could this be a new idea for our Professional Nurse Council?)
    From topics such as “DNR vs. Allowing Natural Death” to “Growing Leaders – Manager Training Program” to inspired speakers that reminded me of why I was a nurse, the 2011 ANCC Magnet Conference succeeded in making me want to be a better nurse.

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