Doctors learning from nurses — how AAMC’s healthcare team is working together to improve patient outcomes

Doctors learning from nurses — how AAMC’s healthcare team is working together to improve patient outcomes

Recently, one of our Pediatric nurses, Laura Smith, sent an email to Dr. Michael Clemmens describing a new treatment for SVT that she had seen work successfully at another hospital. Laura explained how the procedure, called the Revert Trial (or modified Valsalva maneuver), was performed, as well as the benefits to the patients (i.e. preventing the administration of additional medications with potentially adverse side effects or cardioversion). She also included links to research backing up her recommendation, published just last month.

Dr. Clemmens forwarded the email out to his team and the adult ED physicians. Not long after, one of them used the technique to successfully convert an adult patient with SVT! Dr. Clemmens then made sure to let hospital leadership know what had taken place. He wrote: “Below, see (ED physician) Liz Maxwell’s response about her first experience with this technique that she ultimately learned from one of our AAMC nurses. I’ve included Laura’s original email as well. Good stuff.”

A big thank you to AAMC nurse Laura Smith for her commitment to excellent patient care and for magnifying the great work that nurses do at the bedside in collaboration with the rest of the healthcare team. And thank you to Dr. Clemmens for supporting nursing and validating the contribution that we make. Finally, on behalf of the patients who will benefit from this simple and noninvasive procedure – a big thank you to all involved.

If you’re interested in reading more about this procedure, her are the links Laura sent Dr. Clemmens:


  1. Posted by Valerie Donaldson, at Reply

    Thank you Mike Clemmens for recognizing Laura’s contribution. I have seen this kind of acceptance of new knowledge from the nursing staff by our AAMC physicians in the past. It is an example of the wonderfull collaborative teamwork that is a part of AAMC’s nursing/medical culture and the recognition of nursing’s knowledge by our team members. Many of our physicians participate in cross-professional education by attending or presenting at inservices on the nursing units. Improving patient outcomes is a multi-team member approach at AAMC.
    Great Teamwork!

  2. Posted by Brandy Brown, at Reply

    Awesome collaboration and team effort to help our patients!!

  3. Posted by Michelle Piersol, at Reply

    Laura, thank you for sharing this knowledge! How fantastic patients may benefit from noninvasive therapy.

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