Do you hear what I hear???

Do you hear what I hear???

AnniversaryCoupleRecently, I was making my rounds when I heard lovely singing coming from the Observation Unit. I followed the melodious tune to Rm 147 and what I saw brought tears to my eyes.

Julia Shartung, RN Flex Unit was singing to an elderly couple who were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary that day. The patient, Helen and her husband, Eugene were holding hands while Julia sang an aria from an Italian opera. Tears filled their eyes as they listened to Julia’s lovely voice.  In fact, the whole unit was enraptured with the sound.

Word spread and even Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN stopped in to say hello along with Lil Banchero RN, Director of the Observation Unit and Patient Access, and Sharon Borland, Director Human Resources. Julia was then singing, “Every Time we Say Goodbye” by Ella Fitzgerald and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

The happy couple could not stop smiling through their tears and I noticed how they kept in constant contact by holding hands, or with Eugene’s arms around Helen, or by the gentle touching of their fingertips.

It is truly amazing to me that when a special occasion presents itself, our staff knows how to show up and make it special. And Julia knew how to do that in spades.

-Deb Keane, RN


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