Do you hear what I hear???

Do you hear what I hear???

AnniversaryCoupleRecently, I was making my rounds when I heard lovely singing coming from the Observation Unit. I followed the melodious tune to Rm 147 and what I saw brought tears to my eyes.

Julia Shartung, RN Flex Unit was singing to an elderly couple who were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary that day. The patient, Helen and her husband, Eugene were holding hands while Julia sang an aria from an Italian opera. Tears filled their eyes as they listened to Julia’s lovely voice.  In fact, the whole unit was enraptured with the sound.

Word spread and even Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN stopped in to say hello along with Lil Banchero RN, Director of the Observation Unit and Patient Access, and Sharon Borland, Director Human Resources. Julia was then singing, “Every Time we Say Goodbye” by Ella Fitzgerald and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

The happy couple could not stop smiling through their tears and I noticed how they kept in constant contact by holding hands, or with Eugene’s arms around Helen, or by the gentle touching of their fingertips.

It is truly amazing to me that when a special occasion presents itself, our staff knows how to show up and make it special. And Julia knew how to do that in spades.

-Deb Keane, RN


  1. Posted by onnie schartung, at Reply

    thank you julia for sharing that moment with me. i know what a caring and giving person you are and how you love nursing. also how beautiful you sing from your heart.I am very lucky to have you as a onnie

  2. Posted by Ruby Vlcej, at Reply

    That is a very heart felt story that brought tears to my eyes. Nurses are so versatile and creative in finding ways to reach out to patients and their families. We will never forget this small act of kindness that had made such a huge impact in their hearts and ours!! Thanks Julia!!

  3. Posted by Julia Schartung, at Reply

    It was a really special moment I got to share with them. I am thankful for that day, and the many other opportunities I get to comfort or encourage my patients with a song. It’s a beautiful thing being a nurse!

  4. Posted by Tina Andersen, at Reply

    Love this story! Julia- that was such a beautiful gesture!

  5. Posted by Pam Kremer, at Reply

    WOW! What a wonderful story and SPECIAL NURSE who took the time to celebrate their day! It brought tears to my eyes. They will never forget that they were at the hospital on thier special day- and they will never forget that you reached out to them. Thanks for telling us about this Deb!

  6. Posted by Rachel, at Reply

    wow, that’s awesome. I had tears in my eyes just reading the story 🙂

  7. Posted by Stephanie Harmon, at Reply

    What an amazing story and a beautiful gift for this patient and her husband on their anniversary!

  8. Posted by chamrock, at Reply

    Tears fill my eyes just reading this! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story, Deb, and thank you, Julia for sharing your gift of voice.

  9. Posted by Betsey Lewis Snow, at Reply

    What a wonderful story of the magic that happens at AAMC each day. It is positive magic that touches lives forever. Thanks Observation staff and Julia for your care and compassion.

  10. Posted by Silvia Faria, at Reply

    This is such a heartwarming story! Thanks so much for sharing. We really do have the best job ever!

  11. Posted by Monica, at Reply


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