Did you find the CLUES?

Did you find the CLUES?

The First Annual Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Fair was a success!

The EBP Council thanks all 28 departments who participated. Each poster showcased how AAMC is using EBP to improve our patient outcomes.  

On the right, members of the EBP Committee show their CLUE spirit. View the rest of the pictures on AAMC’s SmugMug page: annearundelmedicalcenter.smugmug.com/

Winners of the Table Prizes are: 

Patient and Family Education Council Movie Baskets – Carol Lacher (NICU) and Lisa Laking (NICU)

Care Management Large Dial Scale – Cindy Holsapple-Boone (Edwards Surgical) and an Emergency Preparedness Kit – Shanon Schmick

Observation Unit Champagne and Dance Lessons Basket – Kitty Coletta (Edwards Surgical)

Radiation Oncology Lotion Basket – Marna Ross (Care Management)

Labor & Delivery Candles and Candle Warmer – Cheryl Briggs (NICU)

NICU Sleepytime Basket – Fiona St. Remy (MSU)

Edwards Pavilion Drink and be Merry Basket – Beth Schmidt (OR)

Mother Baby and Lactation Nursing Quality Council $10 gift card to First Uniform – Joann Shelley (Pre-op Phase2)

Oncology Health Basket – Sandy Dewberry (Mother Baby Unit)

Edwards Surgical, with their research surrounding the use of a convective heating blanket to maintain normothermia, was voted to have the best evidence. They won a Roly Poly catering party! Many winners also pulled prizes from the EBP treasure chest!

 Thank you to all the staff, students and visitors for taking the time out of your day to come see all the great work being done. We hope to see you all again next year!  -Jen Herzig, BSN, RN, PCCN, co-chair of EBP Council

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