Debra Doolan, RN, and ED team save a life in Parking Garage A

Debra Doolan, RN, and ED team save a life in Parking Garage A

DoolanAAMC Nurses are always on duty. This shout-out shows just how prepared we are for any situation. Way to go Deb and our ED team!

I would like to give a shout out to Deb Doolan, RN, from Utilization Review. Deb was driving down the garage ramp on her way home from work when she noticed two staff members standing over a woman lying on the ground. Deb identified herself as a nurse and hopped out of her car. 

Her assessment revealed the woman had no pulse. Bystanders had already called 911 so, wasting no time, Deb immediately began CPR.

Thinking quickly, Deb instructed a staff member standing nearby to run to the ED for assistance. Just a few minutes later, ED staff arrived with a crash cart.

The patient survived and was later discharged! Deb and the ED team deserve to be recognized for this “out of the box” code and their quick thinking.  -Adele Greenis, RN


  1. Posted by Sue, at Reply

    You Rock Debbie ! Quick thinking and got the help done immediately. Way to go !!!
    Peace Sue

  2. Posted by Lindsey Doolan, at Reply

    That’s my Aunt! Way to go Aunt Debbie!

  3. Posted by linda althaus, at Reply

    Deb you were always amazing [those old ED days in the 70″s] and still are!!! hugs and love, Linda

  4. Posted by bob skinner sr., at Reply

    Debbie, we have only known you for about 35years, and you have always been a Nurse the whole time. I wish all hospitals were fortunate enough to have Nurses of your caliber (I have been in a few). Eileen and I are so proud to be a friend and a relative of yours. Please take care of yourself, the world can’t afford to lose people of your stature. we love you, bob and Eileen

  5. Posted by Jane Sessa-Sexauer, at Reply

    You are such a special person. AAMCi is very lucky to have you .

  6. Posted by Debbie Sears, at Reply

    Deb, I have known you for along time and this does not surprise me it is who you are! Your actions show us how what nursing is all about !

  7. Posted by Christel Reed, at Reply

    Debbie, we know you are a very compassionate person and know of you strong capabilities in nursing. Just one more tribute to you. I hope if something like this happens to us, that you will be there.
    Love, Chris & Greg

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