Debbie Sears, RN, appointed to AA Co Early Childhood Advisory Council

Debbie Sears, RN, appointed to AA Co Early Childhood Advisory Council

Debbie SearsWe are proud to announce that Debbie Sears, RN, Supervisor of Women’s Education, was recently appointed by the County Executive to the Anne Arundel County Early Childhood Advisory Council, which will develop local early childhood agendas to meet the objectives of the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge Grant.

The Council will confer regularly with the Governor’s State Advisory Council on Early Care and Education.

This is just the kind of partnership AAMC is proud to support as we continue to build our system of care beyond our walls and make real our commitment to living healthier together. Congratulations, Debbie!


  1. Posted by Bridget Stone, at Reply

    Yay, So happy for you Debbie. Congratulations

  2. Posted by Mary Churchill, at Reply

    Congrats!! Next the County Couoncil. Moving on up.

  3. Posted by Gale Schreiber, at Reply

    So proud of you. Your laughter and sense of humor will bring
    a lot to the county!

  4. Posted by carol brumsted, at Reply

    So AWESOME!!!!!

  5. Posted by Gena Ryan, at Reply

    Congrats Deb! Showoff:) Four more months and you can embark on another celebration.

  6. Posted by Deb Keane, at Reply

    Congratulations Debbie !

  7. Posted by Cheryl Briggs, at Reply

    Congratulations, Debbie! You are an inspiration to others!

  8. Posted by Tina Andersen, at Reply

    What great news!! You will be awesome in your new role!!

  9. Posted by Charlotte Wallace, at Reply

    Congratulations Debbie! Maryland’s children and future children are so lucky to have you advocating for them.

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