Deanna Leone, RN, finds a creative way to say thanks to the Obs Quality Council

Deanna Leone, RN, finds a creative way to say thanks to the Obs Quality Council

Quality councilAs my term as the Observation Unit Quality Council Chair is coming to an end, I wanted to thank all the staff that has made our Quality Council one of the best at AAMC. I wanted to find something unique that expressed how much their involvement in the Council, no matter how big or small, meant to me. This was not an easy endeavor.

After searching, I came up with just the right things.  I presented each member with a basket containing these items:  a poem that expressed what great nurses they are, a scented candle and candle holder (for relaxing and finding “quiet” after a long day at work), a small hand sanitizer (what hospital worker can’t have enough hand sanitizer?), and a Million Bucks chocolate candy bar —  I wanted everyone to know they were worth a million bucks!

These “things” still cannot express my gratitude for all the hard work our Council has done over the years. The initiatives that we have instituted are now seen in other areas of the hospital. Our white noise machines are available in Pediatrics and soon, hopefully, other areas of AAMC.

I still cannot thank “the crew” enough for making things happen.

  • Lil: thank you for your tireless leadership over Observation and the Quality Council.
  • Marianne: thank you for continuing to support in our endeavors.
  • Jen: thank you for being a great mentor and showing me how to lead our Quality Council.
  • Becky, Claudeth, Carolyn, Vilma, Mary Etta, and Megan:  thank you for participating and contributing to our discussions and making change happen.

Thank you to Becki and Megan for stepping up to take my spot. I want you to know I will be here for you, just as Jen was for me.  Anything you need, just ask. -Deanna Leone, BSN, RN

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