DAISY winner Anna Hill, RN, is a light in family’s time of need

DAISY winner Anna Hill, RN, is a light in family’s time of need

Congratulations to Anna Hill, RN, AAMC’s most recent DAISY Award recipient.


(from left) Tori Bayless, Sherry Perkins, Jessalyn Barbour, Ann Marie Pessagno, DAISY winner Anna Hill, Jan Clemons, Cathy Copertino and Nancy Faust. Friends and coworkers gathered to honor Anna for her extraordinary bedside care.

The DAISY Award was established to recognize extraordinary bedside nurses — honoring the compassion, knowledge and care that they provide to their patients every day.

As per AAMC tradition, Anna was surprised by a crowd of colleagues and friends who secretly assembled into a daisy-decorated conference room to pull off this big surprise.

Sherry B. Perkins, AAMC’s Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer and Tori Bayless, CEO, extended their congratulations and awarded Anna with a DAISY plaque. She also received a DAISY pin from physician colleague Timothy Capstack and a DAISY figurine from her nominator Jessalyn Barbour. Previous DAISY Award winner Bob O’Bryhim was also there to cheer her on.  

Here is an excerpt from Anna’s nomination letter:

Anna  is a dedicated and compassionate nurse. She has excellent clinical skills and demonstrates sound critical thinking skills. She shines in the compassion care she provides her patients and the special connections she makes with patients and their families. She is the epitome of a professional, caring nurse and is years beyond her new grad status in nursing maturity. She is very worthy of the DAISY Award and the story below will illustrate this clearly.

Recently, Anna took care of a very emotionally challenging patient. This patient was losing her battle with breast cancer. She was a young woman, who had not yet experienced many of the important life milestones we all take for granted, like marriage and children. Her family was very involved in her care and very supportive, but had difficulty coping with her decline and eventual death. We all had difficulty caring for this patient and her family. It was a case that impacted us all greatly.

Anna provided expert, holistic care to this patient and her family over several night shifts. Anna even came in on her night off (right before she left for vacation to Puerto Rico) to sit with the patient and her family through the night. Anna stayed at the bedside until the patient passed in the early morning hours, providing compassionate nursing presence in this family’s time of need — their own personal “lady of the lamp.”

Anna represents the nursing profession in a way that would make Florence Nightingale proud. In this family’s time of grief, Anna provided a constant, caring light. I believe Anna deserves great recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty. Anna is the perfect candidate for the Daisy Award.


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