Creative diabetes education on CCU

Creative diabetes education on CCU


Kara Metzler shows off her new NOOK

Glucose control is a major patient safety goal in the Critical Care Unit. In fact, most of our patients are either pre-diabetic, diabetic, or fall into a high risk group for diabetes. In November, we celebrated National Diabetes Month by educating our staff in a fun, unusual way – a Glucose Scavenger Hunt.

Various questions were posted on cards around the unit, with the answers and rationale hidden on the back. This was followed up with a test that was entered into a drawing for a “fabulous prize.” (In this case, a NOOK, won by Kara Metzler, RN!)  

Over 100 staff participated in the Scavenger Hunt, which generated a lot of good conversation about caring for patients with diabetes.

It has been requested that we repeat the exercise with different information.  So, if you are in the CCU, look for the posted questions and try to figure out the answers. You just might win a fabulous prize! -Bobbi Bieler, RN

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