Congratulations to AAMC’s newest PCT’s

Congratulations to AAMC’s newest PCT’s

PCT Grads

(from left) Ricardo Fox, Jasmine Harris, LaTreece McDonald, Katie Miller, Sarah Brantley, Anna Bunch, Latorya Pack, Robin Arnold, & Juana Landaverde.

Congratulations to AAMC’s newest PCT’s, who recently completed their on-site program and became certified as CNA’s. This week, they joined with COO/CNO Sherry Perkins, AAMC colleagues and their families for a graduation ceremony. View the photos from this event here.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was hearing what each unit had to say about the hard work and dedication that each of these PCT’s has put in to the program. Check out their encouraging words:

Robin Arnold (HVU) – Robin is a wonderful new addition to our HVU team. Since day one, she has been willing to jump in to any situation that required her help. She loves to learn and frequently seeks out new experiences. Charting is a strong point for Robin – she is extremely thorough and conscientious.

Sarah Brantley (SCU) – A quote from one of our SCU nurses: “If Sarah hadn’t said anything, I would have never known it was her first night as a PCT. Sarah was so organized and busy all night with her patient care, she hardly acted like a ‘newbie.’ She is smart, friendly and fun and has blended right in with the SCU team — we are happy to have her.”

Anna Bunch (Oncology) – Anna is a perfect addition to the Oncology Unit team. She is a phenomenal care giver and has a wonderful bedside manner. She has the determination to go far, regardless of the obstacles that get in her way. We are so happy to have her on our team and we know she will succeed in whatever endeavors she chooses to take on.

Ashley Donatelli (JSU) – Ashley is so full of spunk! She is on FIRE! She zips in and out of patients rooms, she makes them smile and she gets them as comfy as possible. She is a breath of fresh air to the Joint & Spine Unit and will be a great asset to our team.

Ricardo Fox (SCU) – Ricardo is a very welcome member of the SCU team! One of our nurses had this to day: “During the long night shifts he listens to all our ‘girl talk’ and just shakes his head and smiles. He is very professional and dedicated to being a good PCT. He is a great team member and is good to the patients. We are so glad to have Ricardo on SCU.”

Jasmine Harris (NICU) – Jasmine has been a PCS in the NICU for the past two years and joins us now as a PCT. We are fortunate to have Jasmine because, as a mother of twins born a few years ago, she was a ‘NICU mom’ and understands the challenges parents often face when their baby is a patient. She shows a lot of compassion and has a contagious smile that follows her wherever she goes!

Jean Keegan (JSU) – Jean is going to be a wonderful asset to the Joint & Spine Unit. She is a breath of fresh air! She is ready and willing to take on our patients and is in their room checking on them before they have to call. The nurses can always find her when needed. She is just an overall wonderful person!

Juana Landaverde (NCU) – Juana is a kind and compassionate clinician who loves being with our patients. She is conscientious and thorough with her work. Don’t let her shy demeanor fool you; she is a tiger when it comes to patient care! We welcome her to the Neuro Care Unit team!

LaTreece McDonald (SCU) – When LaTreece is on duty you can be sure there will be lots of smiles and giggles. She is always cheerful and good to her patients. Her bubbly personality wears off on others – it’s good for the patients and brightens their mood. She is always striving to do the very best job she can do! We welcome LaTreece to the SCU team!

Katie Miller (GSU) – Katie joins the GSU team after being a radiology escort for a year. She is extremely friendly, outgoing and has a bubbly personality that will put anyone in a good mood! Recently, Katie spent time volunteering in South Africa, where she developed a passion for wound care, so she is in her glory in GSU! She is a great addition to the GSU team, a real winner — everybody needs someone like her in their lives.

Latorya Pack (Flex) – Toya joins the flex unit after being in radiology escort for 6 ½ years, so it’s not surprising that she knows everyone throughout campus. Her kind, easy going personality and ability to be flexible will make her an asset to the Flex Unit as she works in various areas throughout the hospital. She is eager to learn and has already demonstrated competence in her new role as a PCT.

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