Congrats to our newest PCTs!

Congrats to our newest PCTs!

Congratulations to AAMC’s newest PCT’s, who recently completed their on-site program and became certified as CNA’s. This week, they joined with COO/CNO Sherry Perkins, AAMC colleagues and their families for a graduation ceremony.

PCT Graduation May 2012

Pictured from left to right: Jennifer Coyle (MSU), April Morris (MSU), Melissa Pullins (Peds), Hassan Bey (ED), Morgan Kupfer (ED), Christa White (NICU), Brianna Cawthorne (Flex), Alicia Garcia (GSU) Not pictured: Kristie Arnold (HVU), Ashley Belton (ONC), Vincent Bochin (Joint & Spine), Monise Cromwell (SCU), Rachel Holmes (Neuro), Tiara Watkins (Joint & Spine).

One of the highlights of the ceremony was hearing what each unit had to say about the hard work and dedication that each of these PCT’s has put in to the program. Check out their encouraging words:

Kristie Arnold – Kristie gives her patients excellent care and plenty of attention. She is a real team player, helping out her fellow colleagues when she is able. We are happy to have her as a member of the HVU team.

Ashley Belton – Ashley joins the oncology team after working on our unit as an evening environmental housekeeper. We began to notice her then, as she would always sweetly and quietly do a wonderful job cleaning and going the extra mile for us on our unit. She always had a pleasant cheerful demeanor and was always so helpful and kind to the patients and staff. She quickly has become a valuable part of our team. We are so lucky to have her.

Hassan Bey – Hassan has a quiet, calming demeanor in our fast-paced ED, spreading that calming influence to his co-workers. We welcome Hassan to our ED family!

Vincent Bochin – Vincent is funny, energetic and always willing to help anyone. He is more than capable of handling the PCT position and a great asset to our JSC team.

Brianna Cawthorne – Brianna is very compassionate and diligent in her work. She has great bedside manner. With co-workers she is very bubbly and outgoing. We enjoy working with her!

Jennifer Coyle – Jennifer has a cheery disposition and is always willing to lend a helping hand to coworkers. Our patients praise her work and positive attitude. Welcome to the MSU family, we and our patients are lucky to have you!

Monise Cromwell – Whenever I think of Monise, I think of her fast moving, quick thinking actions. Give her a job then get out of her way! She is a bright, hard working and friendly addition to SCU and we are lucky to have her.

Alicia Garcia – Alicia is friendly, efficient and a hard worker. She is always busy helping someone! She has wonderful time management skills and is excellent at keeping her nurses informed and updated.

Rachel Holmes – Rachel is eager to learn and very enthusiastic about working in the PCT role. We’re looking forward to having her on the Neuro team.

Morgan Kupfer – Morgan is an energetic asset to the ED. He is hard-working and a multitasker — he is also in paramedic school and has just become a brand new father!

April Morris – April is a delight to work with, has a positive attitude and is eager to learn. It was a pleasure to introduce her to the MSU family and I look forward to working with her in the future. Congratulations on your graduation and keep up the great work!

Melissa Pullins – Melissa is really compassionate with the pediatric patients. She has openness and willingness to learn that really sets her above the rest. We are so lucky to have her in pediatrics.

Tiara Watkins – Tiara is real sweetheart — pleasant, always smiling and willing to do what is needed. She is more than capable of handling the PCT position and her patients love her.

Christa White – Ever since moving to Maryland from Florida, Christa has been asking about working in the NICU. She checked the hospital website daily to look for an opening. Finally, a position became available and she waited with bated breath to hear that she got the job. Christa loves working in the NICU and is so excited to be completing the PCT2 program so that she can provide more hands on care to the babies and help the nurses. It is also another step closer to her goal of becoming a NICU nurse. We’ve all missed Christa while she was in her PCT2 training program and are excited to have her back with us!

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