Congrats to our Excellence Award and Scholarship winners!

Congrats to our Excellence Award and Scholarship winners!

This is one of the many highlights of AAMC’s Nurses Dinner — congratulations to all our winners! Post shout-outs below.View pics from the event here!

Excellence Award Winners

New Knowledge, Innovation, and Improvements
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit                                                                                              

The Richard & Janet Davidson Nursing Award Extraordinary Advances in Patient and Family – Centered Care   
Stroke Center

Outpatient and Pathways Technician/Technologist
Christine Rauh – Pathways

Hospital Pavilion Technician/Technologist
Argelis Arjona – GSU

Clatanoff Technician/Technologist         
Melissa Pullins – Peds    

Surgical Services Technicians/Technologist
Christyna Purdy – ESP                                                    

Structural Empowerment – Preceptor Role         
Maria Reinitz – ESP                                                          

Structural Empowerment – Mentor Role              
Debra Keane – Flex                                                         

Structural Empowerment – Educator Role           
Mary Cohn – MSU                                                           

Transformational Leadership – Manager/Director
Jan Clemons -ONC                                                        

Transformational Leadership – Charge Nurse Role
Jo Ann Shelley – Short Stay                                        

Exemplary Professional Practice
6 South – Joanna Smith
Interventional Radiology – Nancy Kemp
Procedural Care Unit – Heidi Monz
Pathways – Daniel Watkins
Pediatrics – Ashley Abel
Hospital Pavilion Operating Room – Jennifer Brannock
Medical Surgical – Stephanie Barlow
Special Care – Stephanie Wolf
Emergency Department – Karen MacPherson
Outpatient Radiation Oncology – Geri Raber
Vascular Access Department – Ellen Sattig
Wound Center – Kelly Davis
Heart & Vascular  – Nicole George
Neuro Care  – Heather Severson
Joint & Spine – Heather Turner
General Surgical –Rachel Livingston
Short Stay –  Kathleen Cacioppo
Post Anesthesia Care-  Jennifer King
Prep/PAT- Charlotte Darvich-Kodjouri
Mother/Baby – Lisa Decker
Critical Care – Lindsey Alexander
Observation – Rebecca Grubb
AskAAMC – Jennifer Larrimore
Diabetes Center – Karen McConnell
Flex –Rachel Sienkiewich
Outpatient Infusion – Peggy Holston
Labor & Delivery- Jessica Genrich
Neonatal Intensive Care- Stephanie Toro
Edwards Surgical Preop/PACU- Sue Osborne
Edwards Surgical Operating Room- Christina Wise
Care Management- Melissa McCoy
Women’s Surgical- Toni Hawkins
Oncology- Christina Sandul
Cardiac Cath Lab- Doreen Cote                 

Rookie of the Year:                                        
Hospital Pavilion Operating Room –  Joshua Smith
Medical Surgical – Lindsey Oakley
Heart & Vascular- Erika Welck
Neuro Care – Jaime Van Allen
General Surgical – Johanna Burton
Joint & Spine – Amanda Bird
Neonatal Intensive Care – Elizabeth Klocko
Critical Care – Lauren Hall
Labor & Delivery- Mary K. Gooding
Oncology – Megan Bowlding
Women’s Surgical – Katherine Lang
6 South – Patrick Boyce
Pediatrics – Stephanie Harrison
Mother/Baby – Ashley Minietta
Emergency Department – Caroline Levin

Scholarship Award Winners

The Gordon and Jean Wells Scholarship
Dorothy Gallion – HP OR

John W. Gosselin Nursing Scholarship
Stacey Cole – L&D

Shirley A. Wheeler Nursing Scholarship
Rachel Turner- MSU      

Community Fund Nursing Scholarship Award
Janet Ascione – HP OR   

Shelley Alion and Robert Welch Nursing Scholarship
Stephanie Harmon – NICU           

Grow A Nurse Scholarship
Charlotte Wallace – Materials Management/Sustainability           

Al & Mary Vittek Nursing Advancement Fund
Amanda Brady – HP OR 

George and Patricia Benson Nursing Scholarship
Alison Meador – NICU   

Lillian Edgerton Lewis Scholarship
Jennifer Smell – Peds    

Izzo and Patane Nursing Scholarship
Courtney Dupcak – ED   

Gus and Marjorie Berlitz Charitable Trust for Nursing Advancement & Excellence
Silvia Faria – Vascular Access       

AAMC Medical Staff Nursing Scholarship
Erin Freitas – ED

Balfe Clifford Nursing Scholarship
Kenya Smith – Pathways              

Sheehy Nursing Scholarship
Sandra Aran – Peds


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