Congrats to AAMC’s first Nurse Residency Program graduates!

Congrats to AAMC’s first Nurse Residency Program graduates!


From left to right: Anisha Brown (SCU), Stephanie Lusby (PEDS), Jennifer Watson (OR), Jessica Rindos (OR), Mary Church (MBU), Jessica Richardson (HVU), Nalynn Holland (ONC), and Andrea Williams (PACU). *Not pictured: Arthur Lingad (NCU), Joy Gloede (OR), Erin Taynor (ED), and Lauren Armiger (HVU).

On June 19, AAMC graduated its first cohort of nurse residents from our newly designed Nurse Residency Program. These graduates were the first group to be a part of a new statewide, Nurse Residency Collaborative, supported by the Maryland Organization of Nurse Executives (MONE).

Last year, AAMC joined with 14 other hospitals across Maryland to form the Maryland Nurse Residency Collaborative, which was developed by University Health Consortium (UHC) and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). Benefits to the statewide collaborative include a standardized curriculum across participating hospitals, which was developed by nurse leaders and experts from across the country. 

The Nurse Residency Program model has been proven to increase retention rates amongst new grads within the first year of practice, improve patient outcomes and better prepares nurse graduates for entry into practice, while providing a full year of support.

These 12 nurse graduates celebrated their accomplishments, surrounded by family, friends, coworkers, and their unit leadership. Sherry Perkins, COO/CNO congratulated each of them as she read some kind words from their unit. They also each received a certificate, pin, and a small tree seedling which symbolizes the growth they will achieve throughout their nursing career.

Carol Brumsted, RN (IV Therapy) and Kathy Evans, RN (SSU) were also recognized for their role as monthly “Tales from the Bedside” facilitators during the year-long residency program. They each received small watering cans full of flowers to symbolize how they helped the nurse residents grow over the past year.

Here’s what their unit’s had to say about each of AAMC’s Nurse Residency grads:

Lauren Armiger (HVU) Lauren has been a welcomed addition to HVU. She always has a positive attitude and a smile. She has good communication and is very conscientious in her patient care. If she feels the need to ask a question or gain clarity, she will do so to ensure patient safety. Lauren is very motivated and shows great initiative.

Jessica Richardson (HVU): We are very happy to have Jessica on HVU. Jessica is very dependable and always cheerful. She is always willing to help her co-workers and is a great team player, sometimes picking up extra shifts here on the unit. She is very considerate of her co-workers and patients alike, always putting their needs first.

Arthur Lingad (NCU): Arthur has excelled since completing the new grad program. He has gained much confidence in his role as an RN. He is now co-chair of the NCU unit quality council and has also oriented to the off-shift charge nurse role!

Erin Taynor (ED): Erin is an amazing new nurse. She has a high level of critical thinking and doesn’t blur the lines between being a nurse and paramedic. Erin is admired and well respected by all staff members. She is a team player and always looking for new learning opportunities. One of her preceptors said, “Erin is the most professional new RN I have precepted.”  Erin has been a wonderful asset to our ED team!

Nalynn Holland (ONC): Since arriving to our unit, Nalynn has exhibited great patient advocacy skills, compassion, and passion to understand disease pathophysiology. She is the Oncology Unit Rookie of the Year and is the unit’s co-representative for PNC. Nalynn is anxious to continue her nursing education and has been accepted for graduate nursing studies at University of Maryland this fall. We are so fortunate to have her share her energy, ideas, creativity, and desire to demonstrate exemplary practice on the oncology unit.

Mary Church (MBU): What can you say about Mary, whose last name is Church and who is marrying a pastor? She is practically perfect in every way! Mary is a rare combination of kindness, intelligence, and complete devotion to her patients and team members. She remains calm in every circumstance and provides excellent care. She has been a complete blessing to the Mother/Baby Unit and her patients. 

Stephanie Lusby (PEDS): Stephanie strives every day to provide competent, compassionate care. She treats patients as if they were a family member. She is a team player, smart, and compassionate. Stephanie comes to work every day with a positive attitude. I admire how she takes advantage of every opportunity to learn more and be involved within the unit.

Andrea Williams (PACU): Andrea has entered an area of nursing that requires a high level of skills and critical thinking. She is forever seeking new learning opportunities. It is good to hear a little voice from behind the curtain say “Can I listen in?” Andrea has done an amazing job and always has a smile on her face no matter what her stress level. The nursing profession needs nurses like her.

Jessica Rindos (OR): Jessica sailed through her seven month orientation to the OR, she does everything with a sense of ease – just comes naturally to her! She is always volunteering to help, join a committee, or take the lead on something. She was the HP OR’s Rookie Of the Year Winner this year and we couldn’t be happier to have her as part of the OR family!

Joy Gloede (OR): Joy is quiet, poised, and stoic as a new grad, but full of surprising knowledge, strength in character, and a willingness to always do more! She is a great asset and has excelled on the breast and plastics surgical team. A nurse the other day said, “I relieved Joy at the end of her shift from a very busy and complex surgical case one day and it seemed as though Joy had been a part of the team for years – I am so thankful for nurses like her.” And so are we!

Jennifer Watson (OR): Jen is the laid back, funny nurse that seems to just always have a great sense of humor, and is able to put a positive twist on sometimes the worst situations. She goes with the flow and does it with a smile and usually a joke. Jen is a member of the coveted Orthopedic Surgical Team… and has so far exceeded everyone’s expectations. We are lucky to have her with us!

Anisha Brown (SCU)    

As a tech on MSU
We watched Anisha grow
At school she worked hard every day
At work her talents showed

At graduation time she sat a spell
for her interview to be a new grad
and wowed us with all she had accomplished
She was the new grad we had to have

And true to her word she was smart and wise
She has grown to be a great nurse in everyone’s eyes!
She’s such a part of the team and is not afraid to say
Something to others to help them work in a better way

If a doctor doesn’t know how to throw away his gown
Then you need to call Anisha Brown
She’s not afraid to let the doctor know 
Where that isolation gown is supposed to go!

Anisha can you believe how time has gone quickly by
And how far you have come along the way
Welcome Anisha to SCU!
We are so glad you’re here to stay!

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