Community service is a “moving” experience for one AAMC nurse

Community service is a “moving” experience for one AAMC nurse

Moveable Feast is charitable organization that raises money to provide nutrition to persons with HIV/AIDS and breast cancer in Maryland. 

I became involved with Moveable Feast four years ago when my son “volunteered” me to provide medical support for Ride for the Feast—a two day, 140-mile bike ride, beginning in Ocean City and ending in Baltimore City. 

Over the past four years, I have participated in Ride for the Feast in various capacities.  My most rewarding role has been that of medical support. 

On the weekend of May 14-15, I was privileged to join a group of medical personnel for the ride.  As always, I was amazed and heartened by the bicyclists who endured the two-day ride.  Approximately 171 riders of all ages, from children to senior citizens, spent months training and raising funds for this charity. 

It was a heartwarming experience to watch these riders working together for a charitable cause.  The positive attitudes, the camaraderie and the giving spirits of these riders were incredible. 

As a nurse, I helped bandage scrapes, handed out a lot of Ibuprofen and Tylenol, applied sunscreen, made sure the riders were hydrated and offered physical and emotional support.  Driving alongside the bicyclists, the support team never failed to get a smile or a thumbs-up from the riders.  Even towards the end of the ride, they showed amazing fortitude and determination to reach their goal. 

The riders and support team donated their time and resources to make this a successful event and look forward to next year.  For more information on Moveable Feast, go to

-Linda Tabisz, RN

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