Coming to a bedside near you – the PCT Program is underway

Coming to a bedside near you – the PCT Program is underway

Please join us in welcoming the newest participants of AAMC’s Patient Care Technician (PCT) Program! This innovative program was developed to support the professional development of our staff by training current employees or volunteers (who are usually not clinically experienced) for an eventual role as a PCT II.

Our current group have diverse backgrounds: security, oncology, and phlebotomy, to name a few. But in six weeks, each will each be thoroughly trained in the roles and responsibilities of a PCT at AAMC.

Classroom teaching and hands-on clinical time are the major components of the PCT Program. After successful completion of their training here, these staff will sit for the Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) exam though the Maryland Board of Nursing.

We are so pleased to be able to support our own through this rigorous program. Please welcome participants (from left to right) Candice Longo (Flex), Shirley O’Hare (Flex), Chelsea Kaline (OBS), Denny Menjivar (MSU), Kristin Caldwell (CCU) and Wilfredo Bueno Jr. (PCU).


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