Clinical Education & Professional Development Role Descriptions

Clinical Education & Professional Development Role Descriptions

Nurse Residency Program (NRP) Mentors

As a Mentor, you will provide peer support within a mentorship group or individual sessions for our newly licensed nurses or a seasoned nurse. Unlike a clinical preceptor, who focuses on individualized teaching specific to your clinical setting, a mentor’s role is that of an advocate, role model, resource, networker, and guide. Mentors empower through socialization, encouragement, and open and honest communication. Mentors are required to attend a mentor workshop as well as other quarterly education offerings.

Clinical Reflections Facilitator 

The facilitator role involves leading a small group discussion to open up some dialogue between the new graduates to share what they are feeling. The facilitator would need to redirect the group if the conversation started to lose focus and would need to remain positive if the conversation turns negative, (we do not want it to be a complaint session from the new graduates).

The sessions are every other month (even months). Currently, these sessions will be virtual. 

Patient Care Technician (PCT) Program Instructor

We are in the planning phase of rebirthing our PCT program here at AAMC with the hopes to launch it in February 2021. We are searching for RN’s to facilitate the clinical hours the PCT’s will be on the units. The RN will have a group of no more than 8 PCT students on a specific unit, responsible for making their assignment as well, and monitoring and supervising their progress.

Clinical Ladder Information

Transformational Leadership

TL11: Precepting and mentoring (2 points)

Exemplary Professional Practice

EP3: Clinical Reflections Facilitator (points are cumulative) & PCT Clinical Facilitator (points are cumulative)


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