Climbing AAMC’s Clinical Ladder: What you need to know

Climbing AAMC’s Clinical Ladder: What you need to know

AAMC’s Clinical Ladder is up for an overhaul.

 Starting February 19, it’s out with the old and in with the new. We’ll implement a Clinical Ladder that is based upon the Magnet framework, standardized across the house, and provides multiple ways for nursing staff to meet the criteria for advancement. In this new model, all nurses have the ability to progress.  

Want to learn more? Come to our next Nursing Grand Rounds on February 19 from 11:30-1:30 p.m., where the topic will be “Welcome to the Clinical Ladder: What’s in Your Portfolio?” Guest speaker, Drexel University’s Fran Cornelius PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, will provide information on building a professional portfolio. To rsvp email or call x1527.

Another opportunity to learn more about the Clinical Ladder will be on…Clinical Ladder Day (clearly we are focusing on content here, not snappy event titles). On March 30, staff will be able to attend informational sessions—as well as hands-on workshops—designed to help them polish up their resumés, hone their interview skills, and create professional portfolios that will highlight their strengths and nursing achievements.

Representatives from Drexel University, College of Notre Dame, Walden University, University of Maryland, and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) will be on hand to meet staff and answer questions.  

Now for your challenge. We need a name for this new and improved Clinical Ladder. Like Alec, which became our brand of Epic’s electronic medical record, we need to make this Clinical Ladder our own. What could we name this ladder to best exemplify AAMC’s commitment to professional development? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


  1. Posted by Sherry Perkins, at Reply

    I should have added – raise some questions here and we will answer via the blog.

  2. Posted by Sherry Perkins, at Reply

    We had a huge crowd for Grand Rounds on Friday – about 140 AAMC nurses. Lots of questions that we jotted down in both Rounds and at the CNII Town Hall that followed – many of the same questions I hear about the Ladder. We’ll work on getting those FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and answers out on the blog and in other forums asap. Thanks again to the NSP Professional Development Team and Sally, Jenn, and Janice as leads.

  3. Posted by Amy T., at Reply

    This is so exciting. I have just returned from the encore presentation of this opportunity for nurses to not only enhance their professionalism but receive recognition for their participation and involvement in their practice. The entire session was a true boost for morale. I personally enjoyed the camaraderie of networking with my peers and interacting with leadership.
    The Clinical ladder is a valuable tool that encourages us as nurses to be more cognizant of every day activities, that will enable many of us to perhaps take that first step to initiate a change that will ultimately impact the care that we give. Kudos to the development team! Thanks to Drexel for a great lunch too.

  4. Posted by Tori Bayless, at Reply

    I’m looking forward to Grand Rounds on the 19th! Congratulations on this achievement.

  5. Posted by Sandy Fox, at Reply

    I think this is awesome! Revisions to our clinical ladder are long overdue. Nice work every!

  6. Posted by Michelle Lewis, at Reply

    So excited to see all the hard work put into this new clinical ladder finally get out there for everyone to see!

  7. Posted by Sally Grimm, at Reply

    This is an exciting time for AAMC nurses; the work by the professional development team has been incredible-lots of research, lots of surveys , lots of conversations- to get this right. Come on February 19th-you will not be disappointed!

  8. Posted by Jenn King, at Reply

    Our initiative is looking forward to seeing over 100 nurses at Grand Rounds on Friday! This might be the biggest Grand Rounds we’ve ever had here.

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